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Cats are the second-best choice for pets in most households. From the friendly-neighborhood cat to the exotic ones, pet owners have multiple options to choose from. We define cat breeds and their characteristics like no one else. Vaccinations, general care tips and health conditions are some of the popular topics that we focus on. We also give information on best cat food, grooming essentials and toys and accessories too. In the health section we focus on initial symptoms to watch out for and immediate treatment options to go with. We also have a special feature on furniture tips for cats to make their nights as wonderful as their day.

Adopting a Black Cat

Why Should you Consider Adopting a Black Cat?

Cats are the cuddliest pets to have in a household and if you are looking to adopt a feline, why not get a black...

Symptoms Related to Heartworm Disease in Cats

Cats can be affected with heartworm disease, but it is different from that of heartworm condition in dogs. Unlike dogs, cats are not hosts...
urinary blockage in cats

Urinary Blockage in Cats – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The condition known as urinary blockage in cats occurs when inflammatory substances like debris, bladder stones, or proteins obstruct the cat's urinary tract. When...
cat tooth resorption

Treatment Options for Tooth Resorption in Cats

wondering how to treat cat tooth resorption? Tooth resorption is a dental condition seen in cats, in which a tooth or multiple teeth begin...
what causes resorptive lesions in cats

Causes and Symptoms of Resorptive Lesions in Cats

Wondering what causes resorptive lesions in cats? Feline resorptive lesions or tooth resorption is a discomforting oral condition in which dentin, a hard bony...
Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas

DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats

Cat shelters help street cats feel safe and warm in the outdoors. Most cat lovers go the extra mile of building an outdoor cat...
hyperthyroidism in cats

Signs of Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that occurs when there is an increased production of the thyroid hormone in cats. The thyroid hormone (T3 and T4)...
What is the best way to clean a cat litter box

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Cat Litter Box?

One of the biggest concerns of having cats at home, is the cleaning and maintenance of litter box. You may have trained your cat...
cat's litter box in the house

Best Spots for your Cat’s Litter Box in the House

When you own a pet cat, one of the key questions that arises is, Where should I keep my cat's litter box in the...
what is the best food to feed your cat

What Is The Best Food To Feed Your Cat? Complete Guide

Meat is the best source of nutrients for cats, because the felines are basically carnivores and need maximum nourishment from non-vegetarian foods for their...
how to trim cat claws alone

How To Trim Cat Claws Alone: Tips & Tricks

When your kitty jumps onto your lap and stretches her paws, you know it's time to clip those claws, as they start to feel...
How much should you feed your indoor cat?

Useful Tips on How Much to Feed your Indoor Cat

Indoor bred cats thrive in the company of their favorite people and familiar surroundings, but their limited mobility restricts their activity levels. Because they...
homemade cat food for weight loss

Best Homemade Cat Food Ideas for Weight Loss

Your cute looking, chubby cat has become more portly? Blame it on the food habits and lifestyle. The weight gain doesn't depend entirely on...
home remedies for constipated cats

Home Remedies for Constipated Cats

You may notice that the litter box of your pet is empty, for the last two days, and the cat is struggling to empty...
How Do Cats Show Affection to Humans?

How do Cats Show their Affection to Humans

Cats have their own way of showing their affection to you. Certain cat breeds are known for their affectionate behaviour towards their owners. Be...
signs if your cat is dying of thyroid

Signs If Your Cat is Dying of Thyroid Disease

Worried about signs if your cat is dying of thyroid? Thyroid disease in cats which is common today, was not known to cause any...
How Can Cats Reduce Stress and Improve Moods

How can Cats Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

Soft, furry cats are not just warm to touch, but also induce warm feelings in humans. Having a pet cat not only keeps you...
Cat Care Tips

Take Care of Your Cat with These Cat Care Tips

The most common among the pets preferred by people are cats and dogs. Cats are as lovable pets as the dogs. Having a pet...
Top 5 remedies to tackle cat colds

Best Natural Remedies for Cat Colds

Cats do suffer from colds, just as we humans do. Cat colds are usually caused by feline-specific microbes, the symptoms of which are pretty much the...
Symptoms and treatment of kidney disease in cats

How and why of kidney disease in cats

Cats, particularly the older ones are susceptible to kidney diseases. About 30% of the aged domestic cats suffer from kidney diseases – either acute or chronic. ...

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