Outdoor Dog Kennels- Top 7 Ideas


You can always let Fido play in the backyard at outdoor dog kennels if you don’t want to leave him alone in the home.

Your dog needs a strong kennel with solid flooring and a leak-proof roof to relax peacefully in the shade. If you have no prior expertise, building your dog kennel from scratch may seem to be a challenging endeavour. The following are some low-cost solutions for those on a restricted budget and some high-end ones for canines that only want the best.

Top 7 Ideas for Outdoor Dog Kennels

A 10×10 fence surrounds a dog pen.

To keep your dog secure in this homemade kennel, you only need a metal fence and a sheet for a roof. Although a tarp roof keeps precipitation out, it’s proposed to be reinforced in the case of significant snowfall. It is ideal for individuals without a yard or who wish to keep their dog in a smaller location.

Making Durable Dog Cages or Outdoor Dog Kennels at Home

You can also use this stylish and functional wooden kennel as a doghouse. Because of its long-lasting materials, your dog may wear it all year. Because of the high floor, your pet will be secure from parasites and other threats.

Pet Residence

A dog house is a way to go if you want to offer your dog a more significant, covered room to rest in. This pet house’s shingled roof and large windows and doors make it suitable even in hotter regions. It is also simple to put together if you’re handy and have time.

Crates for Two Dogs

Why not give refuge to two dogs rather than just one? At this kennel, dogs may unwind in the privacy of their garden. So, you can build this kennel with or without a porch using online plans.

You may create an interior divider or keep the area open with two entrances to accommodate dogs that prefer their own space. Perhaps all you need are some ideas to start your kennel.

The Porch on the Outdoor Dog Kennels

This outdoor kennel is excellent for a Little House on the Prairie-inspired house. Because of the porch and windows, your backyard will seem more like a pleasant hideaway than a sterile kennel.

You can purchase or customize the blueprints via an online shop. Consider coordinating the paint, siding, and shingles to add a personal touch.

Extensive and Cutting-Edge Outdoor Dog Kennels

It is not your typical unplanned outdoor dog kennel. The corrugated sheet metal roof gives this dog kennel a rustic modern aesthetic, unlike regular dog kennels.

Paint it to add some flair, or leave it as-is if that’s more your or your dog’s style.

The Log Cabin Restoration

This dog kennel could benefit from some creative input. Log cottages seem to be equally at home in developed and wild gardens. Your dog will like the basic design of his new house, which has an off-centre doorway and a slanted roof.

Outdoor Dog Kennels

Considerations to Make Before Purchasing or Building Outdoor Dog Kennels


It is critical to locate anything. Your happiness with a dog kept in the vast outdoors depends on it.


The size of a dog’s kennel must be appropriate to its dimensions and activity level. You must also consider the average kennel stay. But when you keep dogs in a kennel for an extended time, they demand more room to exercise.

Check that your full-grown dog can stand on her hind legs within the kennel without injuring her head. Your dog’s indoor resting area should be large enough to allow them or in any of its natural sleeping postures. On the other hand, dogs prefer a den-like setting at home. Most of the time, a small, personal bedroom is suitable.

Extreme Conditions Durability

Outdoor dog kennels must be strong to survive in extreme weather conditions. Such weather variations have a catastrophic impact on structures. So, you must be familiar with building procedures appropriate for your region’s weather conditions. You should ensure that the kennel you purchase is suitable for the weather conditions where you want to use it.

The outdoor dog kennels must be firm enough to endure inclement weather. Thus, any structure with an enclosed space must have a water-resistant roof. The structure’s durability must guarantee that it can withstand hurricane-force winds. So, don’t allow your dog or other animals inside if your outdoor dog kennels are easily blown away.

Exit Protection

Dogs that want to climb or jump should be kept in a safe, completely contained kennel. Your dog may try to escape the kennel by burrowing it under the floor or against the walls. Further, cool anti-digging kennel borders, which may be bought separately, may benefit kennels.


You may build first-rate outdoor dog kennels to provide your dog with a comfortable outside area and save money. But please don’t put off making your dog kennel any longer; do it yourself! By adhering to these basic guidelines, you may construct a kennel that will provide your pet with years of comfort and security.


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