Calming Dog Bed: The Ultimate Guide To Pet Parents


Playing with your pet dog is fun, but taking care of it is not an easy job. All the pet parents will be more conscious of the needs of their furry friends. Moreover, we can find a lot of accessories and fixtures for pet dogs to keep them comfortable and happy. 

And dog beds are among them, which pet parents need to consider. Especially if your dog is spending more time on your couch, bed, and sofa, you need to buy one for them because they deserve it. 

There are different varieties of dog beds in the market. But, the calming dog bed is in rage, as it helps your dog relax its muscles and joints and get a good night’s sleep. 

Confused? Fret not! We have brought you more information about the calming dog bed.

Calming Dog Bed
Calming Dog Bed: The Ultimate Guide To Pet Parents

What is a Calming Dog Bed?

Calming dog beds are specially designed for your pets. These beds help in elevating stress and give good sleep. Science says calming dog beds can work in relieving anxiety in dogs. However, not all calming beds will work as anti-anxiety beds. 

They are available in different colors, materials, and shapes. Some beds will come as orthopedic padding, self-heating, fur-filled, etc. These types of beds suit another breed.

How Does Calming Dog Bed Work?

Short answer: Yes… Dog psychologists say that dogs can sense the feeling of their mother and their littermates when they are puppies. They will not forget that sense of touch even after they grow older. 

Using this principle, calming dog beds are designed with smooth and soft faux fur to create the same feeling of being with their littermates and mother. Dogs can relax and feel comfortable while they snuggle in their calming beds. 

What To Look For While Purchasing Calming Dog Beds?

Not all the calming beds suit every dog. If you are looking for a calming dog bed that suits your furry friend, you must consider a few factors. 

To know more, check the factors below. 


There are different anti-anxiety beds for dogs, such as bolster style, cave-style, orthopedic beds, and self-heating beds. 

  • Bolster Style: This type of bed will suit large dog breeds. They come in various designs like outdoor furniture, raised platforms, etc. It features raised edges along the side of the bed, which serve as a pillow for the dog. 
  • Cave Style: This style of bed resembles a cave. The hooded bed allows your furry friend to cuddle and sleep. This anti-anxiety bed suits dogs who like to burrow, feel nervous, and have separation anxiety. 
  • Self-Heating Beds: These type of beds creates cozy comfort for your dog. It generates heat from the dog’s body and helps to keep them warm. 
  • Orthopedic Dog Beds: These beds are designed to ease the pressure on the dog’s joints. The orthopedic dog bed is primarily suitable for senior dogs or dogs with arthritis. 


As mentioned above, not all calming beds suit every breed. For example, bolster-style calming bed suits for big dogs and donut-style beds for small dogs. Therefore, before you shop, it’s better to check the bed’s dimensions and see whether it suits your pet. 

Washable Bed

It would be better if you buy a machine washable bed so that you can clean it whenever required. If possible choose the one which has a cover to it. 


Your dog will feel more comfortable when his bed is dry and cozy. Therefore, buy a calming dog bed with waterproof lining – inside and outside, so that you can wash the bed easily. 

Bottom Line

If you’re making plans to bring a calming dog bed to your furry friend, consider these factors, as these beds not only ease the stress and anxiety but also help your dog get good sleep.


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