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Dogs, cats, fish and birds are the popular pet choices for most pet owners. However, there are other pets that some of us like to keep. Small animals such as turtles, gerbils and hamsters are a few examples of other common but less popular pets. This page focusses on providing information on the breeds, diet and health of all those pets. Farm owners are known to own a variety of pets other than dogs and cats. Rabbits, horses, cows and pigs are some of the domestic farm animals that also double up as pets. And then there are those that are purely for company, like turtles, tortoises, ferrets, iguanas and so on. Take your pick and have fun adding a rare pet to your home.

care for snails in a fish tank

How To Care For Snails In A Fish Tank?

Snails are a lovely addition to your fish tank. Watching these little scavengers keep the aquarium super clean by eating algae, dead plants, extra...
How do you make a rat cage at home

Ideas to Make a Rat Cage at Home

Rats make interesting pets, and owners love watching the activities of these tiny beings in their cages. Rats may not require much space for...
how to care for a pet gerbil

Guidelines on Caring for a Pet Gerbil

Wondering how to care for a pet gerbil? A gerbil is a popular choice for pets, as it looks cute like a hamster, well...
where are rats ticklish

Ways to Tickle your Rats Best

We know that rats feel ticklish, similar to humans, and they enjoy belly tickling. Although we can't hear their laughter, studies show rats make...
List of Turkey Breeds

List of Turkey Breeds

Turkeys are unique birds that can be your best friend, help you earn some cash by becoming your business, become a lip smacking thanksgiving...
11 Amazing Hero Pets of All Times

11 Amazing Hero Pets of All Times

It is very wrong to consider pets as mere cuddly companions because there have been pets that have done certain great jobs and have...
Popular List of Goat Breeds

Popular List of Goat Breeds

dairy goats, meat goats and for other purposes. These animals can breed faster and can multiply in no time. Goat’s milk is highly nutritious...
Insect Control in Horses

Insect Control in Horses

Insect control in horses in quite necessary because insects can be very irritating and at the same time they can also cause a threat...
Water Turtles as Pets

Water Turtles as Pets

Aquatic turtles or water turtles spend most of their time in the water. They leave the water only to bask on dry land. Water...
Best Snakes for Pets

Top Ten Best Snakes for Pets

Pet lovers commonly prefer domesticated pets like Dogs, Cats, white mice, birds like lovebirds, parrots, pigeons, etc., fish and rabbits. Some pet lovers however...
Rabbits in Australia

Fast Facts about Rabbits in Australia

Explore some intriguing facts about rabbits in Australia in this blog. Here are some interesting facts about rabbits in Australia Rabbits are not native of Australia....
Dangerous Respiratory Diseases in birds

Top Dangerous Respiratory Diseases in birds

Birds are susceptible to numerous respiratory infections. Some of the respiratory infections are mild but some serious conditions may cause even deaths. Respiratory and...
Cross River Gorilla Interesting Facts

Cross River Gorilla: Interesting Facts

Cross river gorilla is the largest one among primates like humans. It can weigh up to 600 pounds. Gorillas are classified into two types...
Asian Elephant Facts

Asian Elephant Facts

Asian elephants are large or huge gray and herbivorous terrestrial animals inhabiting in India, Asian tropical forests and south East Asia. Though elephants are...
African Clawed Frog Diseases

5 Most Commonly Affected African Clawed Frog Diseases

African clawed frogs are relatively hardy but they can be prone to some afflictions. Most commonly affected African clawed frog diseases include: Red leg disease: It...
Horse Disease Symptoms

Most Common Horse Disease Symptoms that you should look for

Similar to other animals, horses are also prone to diseases and infections. But, most of these can be preventable with proper vaccinations. So, it...

10 Different Types of Pet Birds for Children

Choosing the best pet that is perfectly suitable for your sweet home is not a small thing. If you have children in your home,...
16 Animals with Longest Lifespan

Longest Lifespan Animals

The average lifespan of a human being is 78.5 years. But when it comes to animals, some may live more than hundreds of years....
Top 16 Strangest Animal Mating Rituals

Top 16 Strangest Animal Mating Rituals

In the animal world, sexual conduct is mainly related to the production of species. During some situations, certain species exhibit strange behavior while mating....
A List of 10 Most Dangerous Underwater Creatures

A List of 10 Most Dangerous Underwater Creatures

Dive into the deep with caution as we reveal the most dangerous underwater creatures that can harm unaware divers. Dangerous Underwater Creatures There are several most...

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