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Dogs, cats, fish and birds are the popular pet choices for most pet owners. However, there are other pets that some of us like to keep. Small animals such as turtles, gerbils and hamsters are a few examples of other common but less popular pets. This page focusses on providing information on the breeds, diet and health of all those pets. Farm owners are known to own a variety of pets other than dogs and cats. Rabbits, horses, cows and pigs are some of the domestic farm animals that also double up as pets. And then there are those that are purely for company, like turtles, tortoises, ferrets, iguanas and so on. Take your pick and have fun adding a rare pet to your home.

Best Snakes for Pets

Top Ten Best Snakes for Pets

Pet lovers commonly prefer domesticated pets like Dogs, Cats, white mice, birds like lovebirds, parrots, pigeons, etc., fish and rabbits. Some pet lovers however...
16 Animals with Longest Lifespan

Longest Lifespan Animals

The average lifespan of a human being is 78.5 years. But when it comes to animals, some may live more than hundreds of years....
care for snails in a fish tank

How To Care For Snails In A Fish Tank?

Snails are a lovely addition to your fish tank. Watching these little scavengers keep the aquarium super clean by eating algae, dead plants, extra...
African Clawed Frog Diseases

5 Most Commonly Affected African Clawed Frog Diseases

African clawed frogs are relatively hardy but they can be prone to some afflictions. Most commonly affected African clawed frog diseases include: Red leg disease: It...
guinea pig cage

Guinea Pig Cage: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for Your Pets

Guinea pig cage should ideally have a plastic tray at the bottom and sides for easy cleaning and bedding changes. Avoid wooden cages as they...
Asian Elephant Facts

Asian Elephant Facts

Asian elephants are large or huge gray and herbivorous terrestrial animals inhabiting in India, Asian tropical forests and south East Asia. Though elephants are...
Barb Fish Diseases

Barb Fish Diseases

The fish owners may want to know what barb fish diseases are. Although fish are considered to be easy to care for, the truth...
how to cut guinea pig nails

How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails: The Definitive Guide

Like human beings, guinea pigs have ever-expanding fingernails. In the wild, their toenails wear down naturally, but farmed animals don't have the same chance....
Horse Disease Symptoms

Most Common Horse Disease Symptoms that you should look for

Similar to other animals, horses are also prone to diseases and infections. But, most of these can be preventable with proper vaccinations. So, it...
Cheap Fish Tank Accessories

Useful Tips to Buy Cheap Fish Tank Accessories for Your Aquarium

Nothing would look more beautiful in your living room than a brightly lit aquarium with shining beautiful fishes in crystal clear water and a...

10 Different Types of Pet Birds for Children

Choosing the best pet that is perfectly suitable for your sweet home is not a small thing. If you have children in your home,...
Rabbits in Australia

Fast Facts about Rabbits in Australia

Explore some intriguing facts about rabbits in Australia in this blog. Here are some interesting facts about rabbits in Australia Rabbits are not native of Australia....
Cross River Gorilla Interesting Facts

Cross River Gorilla: Interesting Facts

Cross river gorilla is the largest one among primates like humans. It can weigh up to 600 pounds. Gorillas are classified into two types...
Top 16 Strangest Animal Mating Rituals

Top 16 Strangest Animal Mating Rituals

In the animal world, sexual conduct is mainly related to the production of species. During some situations, certain species exhibit strange behavior while mating....
Water Turtles as Pets

Water Turtles as Pets

Aquatic turtles or water turtles spend most of their time in the water. They leave the water only to bask on dry land. Water...
Information about Cockatiels as Pets

Information about Cockatiels as Pets

In case you are looking for information about cockatiels as pets you should know that these are social and intelligent birds. They are best...
Dangerous Respiratory Diseases in birds

Top Dangerous Respiratory Diseases in birds

Birds are susceptible to numerous respiratory infections. Some of the respiratory infections are mild but some serious conditions may cause even deaths. Respiratory and...
how to take care of a pet turtle

How To Take Care Of A Pet Turtle: What You Need To Know?

Although they are not as cuddly as other pets, Turtles can make great pets. Since they have a long lifespan, you need to consider...
Differences Between Male and Female Peacocks

Learn the Differences Between Male and Female Peacocks

Have you ever seen a Peacock dance? Have you ever been mesmerized by the Peacock's colourful tail making a semi-circle of vigour colours? But...
Goat as a Pet

Goat as a Pet: That’s A Bit of a Challenge?

For animal lovers, the idea of goats as pets is not so unusual. In recent years, many people believe that the mini-goats are as...

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