What Is The Right Cage Choice For The Guinea Pig?


Guinea pigs need a special type of cells, ideally with a plastic tray at the bottom and sides. Plastic box is easy to clean, and you can easily change the bed.

Guinea pigs should be aware that the floor of the wooden cage is not recommended because the wood holds the urine of animals and creates a smell of poultry.

Cellular glass aquarium is not suitable, because small animals are evidence of isolation and become anxious and nervous.

guinea pig cage
guinea pig cages | Credit: Amphawan

You also need a cage of hazardous or toxic waste because Guinea pigs nibble a little slope around it.

There is even a better option than the cell and an open forum through which you interact with small animals at any time. Make sure the wall is so large that it is not enough to escape by climbing on them.

Guinea pigs need enough to run, but it feels so good when placed in a cage a few ramps and stairs a little to run and play.

Remember, do not get too high above the floor of the cell, as a guinea pig is violated if he can fall from a height.


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