How To Take Care Of A Pet Turtle: What You Need To Know?


Although they are not as cuddly as other pets, Turtles can make great pets. Since they have a long lifespan, you need to consider whether you are ready to make a long-term commitment before bringing a turtle to your home. You might think that taking care of a pet Turtle is easy, but a few things must be carefully considered. To keep your pet Turtle happy and healthy, you need to know how to take care of a pet turtle before you purchase it. From providing the proper shelter to nutrition, a Turtle has specific requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the breeder or pet store what kind of Turtle can make a great pet and the requirements that need to be considered. 

What Kind Of Turtle Make Great Pets? 

The most common Turtles that can make excellent pets are Box, Reeve’s, Green Sea turtle, Star turtle, Red-eared Slider, Wood, Painted, and Caspian pond turtles. These pet Turtles are both aquatic and semi-aquatic. And the lifespan of these Turtles is more than 25 years. The temperaments of these turtle breeds vary. When you buy these turtles from the pet store, they might still be young, and a lot of growing needs to be done. 

Remember, families under the age of five should not own a turtle because turtles carry salmonella, which can lead to health problems in children. So, it is recommended not to have a pet turtle if you have young children in the family. 

Turtle Or Tortoise

Turtle and tortoise belong to the same family but have different habitats. Aquatic turtles enjoy water life, while tortoises prefer dry regions. Turtles and tortoises live in a variety of habitats. Few live on land, few in water, and some live on land and water. Whether you would like to bring a turtle or tortoise, make sure to provide the right environment. 

How To Care For A Pet Turtle?

A pet turtle requires less maintenance but more attention than a fish. Before you bring a turtle to your home, you must know how to take care of it, as it helps you prepare beforehand. 

To have a healthy and happy pet turtle, here are a few steps for you to follow –

how to take care of a pet turtle | Credit: JackF

Set Up A Turtle Tank 

If you are planning to bring a turtle, make sure to know in which environment it can live happily. Well, an indoor turtle requires a 20-gallon tank or a container. If it is an adult turtle, go for at least 40 gallons. The tank should have both a dry and wet area so that the Turtle can move around freely. 

Right Temperature

Turtles require constant temperature, so you must maintain the tank temperature between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Turtle Food

Ask the fish food stores about turtle food, as the food turtles eat on the breed, or go to the veterinarian to get more information about which food is best for turtles. Usually, foods like cabbage, carrot, lettuce, fish, and other veggies are great foods for Turtle. 

Keep Tank Clean

Always make sure to keep the tank hygiene and clean. Change the water frequently, at least once a week, to maintain hygiene. 

Bottom Line

Turtles make good pets and are easy to care for. But, they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to research before you bring one to your home.


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