Maltese Puppy Care: The Ultimate Guide


Maltese puppy is well-known for its cuteness. They look adorable in their luscious white coats. For many households, these breed dogs are delightful companions. Did you know Maltese are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds? Yes, the Island of Malta has a strong association with them. While they make the best pets, Maltese needs proper care. These cheerful and energetic breed dogs have particular nutritional and grooming requirements. 

In this blog post, let’s learn more about caring for a Maltese puppy. 

Care Tips For Maltese Puppy

Have you recently brought this show-stopping puppy to your home? Did your veterinarian advise you to take proper care of your Maltese puppy? No matter your story, having a pet isn’t always fun. Choosing the best diet and grooming properly could be daunting. 

Here is the complete guide for you… Scroll down!

Feeding A Maltese

  1. Give Him Premium Food – If you are feeding a new Maltese puppy or your old pal (adult Maltese dog), the brand he used to eat regularly. If you want to change your diet gradually, make changes to avoid digestion problems. 
  2. Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat – Learn more about what your puppy should eat. Remember, don’t feed him human food as it can be toxic to your pup. Feed him the best food and treats that your vet recommends. 
  3. Don’t Feed Him Too Much – Always ensure your Maltese dog is not overeating. Take care of controlled portions or treats to avoid weight gain problems.
How To Take Care Of A Maltese Puppy | Credit: baloon111

Grooming A Maltese

  1. Comb His Hair – Maltese dogs have flowing white hair which can tangle easily. To keep the mess at bay, ensure you groom your Maltese every six weeks. And comb his hair daily using a soft brush. 
  2. Bathe Your Dog – Use the best shampoo and conditioner suggested by your vet for your Maltese puppy. If you have a puppy, bathe him once a week, or if you have an older one, you can bathe him monthly. 
  3. Clean Around Maltese Eyes – Maltese dogs have long hair and are more prone to tear staining. Clean and wipe his eyes regularly. 
  4. Brush His Teeth – Many people ignore brushing Maltese teeth, but it is essential. Regularly brushing teeth can prevent the formation of tartar and can maintain your pup’s dental health. 
  5. Trim The Nails – Trim your Maltese puppy’s nails regularly to protect him from potential injury or infection. 
  6. Check His Ears – Make sure to check your Maltese puppy ears regularly. This can be done under professional supervision or go to your vet. 

Exercise, Socializing, & Training A Maltese

  1. Early Socialization – Take your puppy to the stores, park, or let him play with the dogs you’re familiar with. Early socialization helps your puppy to understand things and enjoy his life. 
  2. Your Puppy Needs Exercise – Maltese dogs don’t need much exercise. They need 30 meets of a daily walk to stay healthy. 
  3. Train Your Puppy – Like all dogs, your Maltese puppy needs training. As these dogs respond quickly, it will be easy for you to give them the training to sit, stand, or even potty training. 
  4. Show Your Love – These cute little puppies need love and attention. Spend time with your pup often and show your love. 

Health Care For A Maltese 

  1. Don’t Forget Annual Vaccinations – Your Maltese puppy must get vaccinated. As per your Vet suggestions, make sure your puppy gets vaccinated often. 
  2. Is Your Dog Spayed or Neutered – Talk to your dog’s vet about desexing. It is recommended to wait until your dog is five years old if you are not planning your pet for breeding or reproducing. 

Bottom Line

I hope you found the complete guide on caring for a Maltese puppy. From bringing him home to grooming, playing, providing him the right environment, etc., you need to consider many components while taking care of a Maltese puppy. Spend more time and build the best relationship with your adorable Maltese puppy.


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