Dachshund Dog Breed- What you Need to Know


Dachshund dog breed is one of the popular small dog breeds that stands-out for its peculiar appearance. Most dog lovers are familiar with this breed and prefer them for their fun-loving nature. If you are planning to own a Dachshund as a pet, you need to be aware of this  breed’s traits. Here is some information on Dachshund dog breed, which is also known as wiener dog.

Dachshund dog breed

Physical qualities

These dogs are longer in length and shorter in height, compared to normal dogs. They have short, but strong legs and paws. They were primarily bred many centuries ago, to hunt badgers. This dog breeds are still used as hunters by some people. They are very good diggers and hunt badgers from their burrows, using their powerful paws and instincts. Dachshunds are droopy eared and are found in different shades of light and dark colors. You may find their hair to be short and wired, smooth and flat or long.   

Characteristic qualities

Dachshunds are fearless hunters and this quality makes them slightly aggressive. They can be good watch-dogs owing to their feisty nature, but their recklessness and stubborn attitude may pose a problem in training them to live with families consisting of little children. Dachshund tend to get very suspicious of little things such as footsteps in the distance and begin to bark. They tend to bark at strangers too. However, with proper training and their willingness to adapt, they can become excellent companions.


Dachshund breed dogs are always alert, active  and full of energy. They can be very playful pets. Since they have long backs, it’s important to hold it properly, supporting with your hands from beneath. Dachshunds are susceptible to disc problems because of their long build. Jumping up and down the bed, sofa and stairs must be avoided. You need to ensure that their weight is maintained at a healthy level. Their lifespan is 10 to 14 years.


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