Labrador vs. Golden Retriever: 8 Differences You Should Know


Are you planning to bring a new furry family member? Narrowed down the choice to Labrador Vs Golden Retriever? Well, your choice creates confusion. 

These retriever cousins are both lovable and sweet-caring family pooches who have been the favorite pets in India. They are both super energetic and gentle-natured dogs with good humor. 

Though these two breeds look similar, a few aspects set them apart. Choosing one of these two cute dogs could be difficult. This blog post will tell you more about these wonderful dogs and help you decide between these two. 

Differences Between Labrador & Golden Retriever

Lab and Golden can instantly make every animal lover fall in love. In case if you are new to these two dogs, here are a few key factors about Labrador and Golden Retriever, which helps you to choose the best breed

Comparison Between Lab & Golden

FeaturesLabrador RetrieverGolden Retriever
Size 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall21 to 24 inches tall
Weight55 to 80 pounds55 to 75 pounds
OriginOriginated in the United KingdomOriginated in Scotland
MuzzleBroader and more jowlyLeaner and narrow
CoatShort hairLong hair
ColorYellow, chocolate, and blackColor stays the sameLight gold to dark golden, red, mahoganyColor changes over time
TemperamentKind, pleasant, and lovingKindly, friendly, and intelligent
Lifespan10-12 years10-12 years

Labrador vs. Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers trace their origin back to Scotland, and Lab trace their origin back to the United Kingdom. These two breeds are popular for their perfect smile and intelligence. 


Here comes another difference between Lab and Golden: their muzzle shape. The labs will have a broader and shorter muzzle, while Goldens will have a narrow and leaner muzzle. 


Both retrievers have double coats. Their coats will help them to stay warm or cool, depending on the temperature. The Labradors have shorter and denser hair, while Goldens have long hair. 


By seeing the tail, it’s easy to identify whether the dog is Labrador or Golden Retriever. A Lab’s tail will be pointy with short hair, and a Golden’s tail has feathery hair. 


Another important noticeable factor of Lab and Golden Retrievers is their coat colors. The interesting fact about their coat colours is Golden can change its colour throughout its life, while Lab colour will remain the same. 

Lab coats have three basic colours such as chocolate, black and yellow. And Golden can be found in beige and gold colours

Active Level

Both Lab and Golden have high energy levels. If you would like to bring either Lab or Golden retriever, you make sure to get at least one hour of exercise every day as it helps them to stay fit and healthy. 


Like any other dog, Lab and Golden Retrievers will have some health problems. Unfortunately, a couple of similar health concerns in both dogs are hip dysplasia and eye deterioration.

However, these two dogs have unique health concerns, such as Lab is more likely to develop arthritis, stiffness, obesity, and ear infections. While Golden Retriever’s common health concerns are seizures, elbow dysplasia, skin issues, and cancer.


These breeds exhibit similar temperaments, such as friendly, sweet, and intelligent. Everyone likes to have these two dogs as their family pets. 


If you are looking for an active and intelligent dog, go for a Lab, as it suits your busy lifestyle. But, remember to watch its weight, as it helps to keep your puppy healthy.

If a kind and gentle-natured dog is what you are looking for, consider Golden. And, make sure to know the health history of its parents because these dogs are at risk of developing cancer.


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