The Top 10 Dog Breeds Popular in America


¬†Adding a pet to your life can bring happiness, making you feel like you’ve welcomed a new family member when you bring home that adorable little puppy everyone loves. Dogs are the most adorable pets all over the world and are available in various breeds and enjoying with them has no bounds. However, with different breeds of dogs available, you need to choose wisely. You should get to know what kind of ailments can affect your pet dog and what kind of food suits your dog. Learning about what your dogs need and what you can offer helps in keeping your furry friends healthy and active. Find out the top 10 dog breeds popular in America and identify which one suits your family and lifestyle better.

Top 10 Dog Breeds

1. Dachshund

This short-legged dog with a long body belongs to the hound family. Dachshund breed dogs receive training to scent and chase animals inhabiting burrows. Many pet owners consider them the best choice for family pets and dog shows alike.

2. Rottweiler

This dog breed is of a bit large in size when compared to most pet dogs. People used them for herding cattle and as police dogs during World War I. When dog lovers seek them as pets, they typically prefer the tan and black patches. These strong dogs make excellent companions and also serve effectively as service dogs.

3. Poodles

Available in various standards and color coats, these are skillful when it comes to dog sports. Best for herding, these dogs are also obedient. They are available in various sizes and make good pets. Addison’s disease is the most common ailment in poodles, so it’s crucial to discuss it with a vet before bringing one home.

4. Boxers

Boxers exhibit loyalty and love towards their masters. Though this is a breed that is calm with the family, these dogs are dangerous to strangers. They are innate guardians and are not aggressive by nature.

The Top 10 Most Popular Dogs in America

5. Yorkshire Terriers

These dogs are available in tan, black and gray coats. They are known for their companionship and faithfulness to their owners.

6. Bulldogs

Bulldogs are popular for good temperament. They are friendly and have an enduring nature. They are good to kids and pets. Bull dogs are too close to humans and they do not venture out alone.

7. Beagles

Resembling a foxhound, beagles are known for their excellent sense of smell. They are suitable as detection dogs because of their tracking sense. They are amiable dogs and are of neutral temper; not too friendly and not too aggressive.

8. Golden Retrievers

The golden retrievers can be trained easily and they are known for their obedience. They roam around a lot, so should be grown in a fenced area. However, they require outdoor workouts. These are major participants in the conformation shows.

9. German Shepherds

German shepherds are second popular dogs in the US. They are imported from Germany during the World War I. These dogs are known to be safe if they are well trained and are loved by all.

10. Labrador Retrievers

These dogs are known as Labs popularly and are one of the top 10 dog breeds popular in America, also known for even temperament. They are trained to assist the visually challenged and people with autism. These athletic dogs are playful and safe with older people and kids.


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