Tips for Living with a Blind Dog


It is quite challenging to live with dogs that are blind but at the same time, the experience can also serve to be rewarding as it helps you know the value of perseverance. Many people are of the view that blind dogs require constant care because they are completely helpless but this is not correct. It has been found through studies that blind dogs possess the ability to move around easily and live happily irrespective of the fact that they are blind. People having dogs that are either developing blindness or are already blind need to follow the tips for living with a blind dog that can always be helpful.

Avoid making changes in furniture

Furniture should not be changed very often and it should also be kept in mind that the setting of the furniture within the house should also not be changed. The reason behind this is the fact that changes in the setting of the furniture can make it difficult for the dog to move around the house. The floor should be kept clear and they should not have any objects that would make the dog bang into them and later get scared. This makes the dog disoriented.

Cushion the sharp corners

Sharp corners such as door facings and cabinets found throughout the house should be cushioned because they can turn out to be very dangerous for blind dogs. Floor runners should be textured because such runners are very helpful in leading the dog from one room to another.

Tips for Living with a Blind Dog

Do not change the locations of objects

The objects like feeding bowls and bedding used by the dogs should not be kept in different places every day. They should always be kept in the same place on a regular basis because this helps the blind dogs in locating objects very easily.

Install gates at proper positions

Open stairs, gardens, terraces and the exterior of the house should have proper gates installed so that a blind dog is not misled outside or at the terrace that would result in the dog tumbling down the stairs.

Make use of bells

You can always use bells on your shoes or wrist so that you may let your blind dog know that you are somewhere nearby. In case you have other pets at home, you can use bells on the collars of the pets so that the blind dog might be aware of the presence of other pets at home.

Spread information

It is very important for dog owners to tell their neighbors, their relatives and every single person who visits their house about the condition of their dog. Visitors should be informed at the correct time and they should be allowed to pet the dog only if they know the dog very well.

Build confidence

Owners of blind dogs should always try and build the confidence of their dogs by speaking to them and encouraging them to do some of the toughest things that they might have never done. It is important to take blind dogs for a walk because they feel secure and safe by doing this. However, it is important to use a very strong harness while trying to take the dog for a walk. These are the tips for living with a blind dog that owners of blind dogs should specifically look forward to.


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