Know About the Top 10 Horse Breeds


There are many horse breeds across the world but you need to have a list of top 10 horse breeds to know which one to buy. They are very gentle and aggressive in nature depending upon the breed. Horses can run swiftly and can carry people even to longer distances. They are highly protective about their owner and remain loyal to them. They would go to any extent to save their owners from trouble.


This breed of horse is popular for its versatile nature. They can carry loads, plow fields, dig furrows and are used in horse shows. They are bred in Clydesdale in Scotland. These horses have silky feather and large hooves. They are larger in size with an average height of 1.68 meters and weigh about a ton.

Arabian Breed

These horses belong to a very fine breed of Arabia and are termed as the fountain head. They are the second among the top 10 horse breeds. They are dominant according to their genes, have an upgraded fine look, exceptionally beautiful features and have the trait of stamping their feet to display their powerful character.


This England horse breed is highly popular from the 17th century and has served many generations of kings. This breed is a must have in the racing sector. Credits should be given to its big size, excellent movement, action, versatility, strength, stamina, mental agility and conformation style.

Know About the Top 10 Horse Breeds

American Quarter

This distinctive horse is an old breed from the US east coast. This horse can serve many purposes such as working on the farm, carrying lumber and goods, carriage drawing, racing and being ridden by humans. This breed consumes very little food as they have frugal eating habits.

American paint

This is a specific breed of stock horse. Since its body has all white hairs and no pigmentation, it has been given this name. This is one among the top 10 horse breeds as it has a unique look of its own.


This is a popular breed of horse as it has a Dalmatian like appearance. The NEZ Perce Indians owned this breed in the 18th century and this breed has 5 patterns of coat namely leopard, Frost, blanket, snow flake and Marbleized.

Gypsy Vanner

Originated in the UK and Ireland, this breed is also known as the Irish cob. This is due to the fact that the breed has big cobs measuring 14 to 17 hands and has a feathery look at its hooves.

Shetland pony

This is the smallest breed among top 10 horse breeds with a height of 1.02 m. They are strong enough to carry loads, pull carts and to be ridden.

Swedish Warm blood

This imported Swedish horse is a fine animal to ride as it has straight and steady pace. They can also jump and run faster.


This breed belongs to the Netherlands and is one among the top 10 horse breeds. This is a cross breed of different stallions and have the ability to drive carriages and perform agricultural tasks.


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