5 Amazing Benefits Of Dog Car Seat Cover


If you have dogs, then you would have taken your dog for a joy ride at some point or another. Maybe you do this regularly to take them to the dog park or once a month to explore the great outdoors. This is why it is so important to have a proper dog car seat cover. Some people may see it as an accessory, but it is essential. Any dog owner knows that seat covers are more beneficial than anything else, especially when your furry friend is riding along. If you are unsure about the benefits, then read on to know more:

5 Benefits of Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog seat covers reduce the amount of hair and dirt on your car’s interior

Like most dogs, yours may also be very excited to jump into the car to go for a ride. While it is fun to travel with them, it can get a bit messy. Dog hair can stick to your car interior – floor, mats, seats – anything they touch will have hair. Also, if your puppy has dirt on his paws, it will certainly get all over your car. This means that you must vacuum scrub and lint roll after every trip to take it off.

Dog covers can help remove this problem, as they cover the entire seat. You could use the hammock-style seat covers as, unlike other models, they offer complete coverage. The hammock-style covers do not allow your dog to come into direct contact with the floor mats and seat fabrics. All you have to do is wash the cover when it gets too hairy.

Reduce slipping & sliding and offers more comfort for your dog

When your dog sits in the back seat, there is a good chance that it may wobble around. This is true no matter what breed you have – a tiny Terrier or a giant Mastiff. No seat fabrics are designed to hold dogs in place, and you cannot put a seatbelt on your pup. So, buying a high-quality seat cover can resolve this issue.

Some of the best seat covers are made from slip-resistant material that helps adhere them to your car seat. Your doggo can now relax in your car without feeling skittish or wobbling around in the car. He can easily look out the window or sleep securely.

Benefits of Dog Car Seat Covers | Credit: IRYNA KAZLOVA

No claw or teeth marks on the interior

No matter what type of car interiors you get – leather or polyester – it is not designed to be chewed or scratched. These are durable but are not resistant to dog claws or teeth. If your dog finds a piece of food stuck on the seat, he may feel anxious. So, in this case, there’s a good chance that he might scratch or chew your car interior. You cannot keep pulling over to stop them from doing that.

Using the hammock-style dog seat covers, you no longer have to worry about the problem. The seat covers create a solid barrier between your seat and your dog. Also, the durable material used in quality seat covers can withstand their tough love. This makes your car ride perfect for you and your dog-baby.

Create more room than a crate

You can frequently use a crate when transporting your dog in your car. And that option does make sense because it keeps your pet secure during rides and prevents them from making a mess. But it does not give your furry friend enough room to stretch out.

It is important to find a happy medium for both of you. That is why buying a car seat cover during rides is preferable. Car seat covers are excellent for keeping your interior clean and preventing your dog from slipping around. You also reduce the restlessness and discomfort your dog feels in his crate during long car rides.

Easier to transport over crates

If you have a crate in your car for your dog, you need to ensure it is secure while he is riding in it. While this is a good option, it also has multiple disadvantages. You have to spend time breaking down and setting up the crate. Also, you have to ensure that it is secure with car seats, so it does not keep moving around. If you have a big dog, then the crate may be very inconvenient to deal with.

This is one of the major reasons why you should choose a car seat. They make travelling easier for both the dog and the pet owner. The no-hassle cloth options can be carried around easily and take a few seconds to set up.


Having a pet and keeping them happy are two separate things. Your pet has its moods and demands, and it may not be like being locked up in a cage all the time. Who would? So, if you plan your next big adventure with your doggie friend, get a dog car seat cover to make it fun and safe for both of you.


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