How to Choose Best Dog Foods That Would Benefit Your Furry Friends


Knowing certain ways as to how to choose best dog foods would help you to determine the various methods in selecting the best dog food that is available in the market. The dog food you choose must be very healthy and should consist of organic ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to make the skin and coat shine with health. But with the availability of various brands and food products, arriving at a conclusion for the best one seems to be a very tough and tedious process. The food must be constituted in such a way that it does not contain any fat that settles down on the body of your dog and builds up the body weight.

How to Choose Best Dog Foods

How to choose best dog foods that have added minerals and vitamins

It is always important to remember that your dog needs his own share of nutrition just like us as it is essential to fill up the daily needs of its body. You have to ensure that the food is of right consistency and right quality that your dog is able to chew the food properly and it does not stick on the dog’s teeth. You can find some good food even at low cost as it is only the ingredients that matters and not the brand. Try a grain-free option while deciding how to choose best dog foods that are free of any chemicals and steroids.

This will be safe on your dog’s stomach and promotes the appetite and ensures easy digestion. There are also foods with raw meat that would require deep freezing and can be added as a part of the diet requirements. Add this to some canned foods or regular foods to satiate the taste buds of the dogs. You can chop or shred some of these food items to the regular food and also spice it up to favour your dog’s eating time. This would ensure that the dog foods does not trigger any unwanted allergy or reaction and are safe on your pets stomach as it does not induce vomiting, loose motion or nausea.

How to choose best dog foods that have allergic ingredients in them

Stay away from those products that have processed meat in them or any left-over by-products that are derived as residue by meat processing factories. This will include the organs of the animals which are discarded after not considering not fit. Also avoid any form of grain based food that might contain any traces or form of corn, wheat or maize which would be a rich source of carbohydrate. Always avoid pet food that contain chemical preservatives such as glycol, BHT or BHA in the specifications as that would affect the intestine and other major organs of your dogs.

Also on how to choose best dog foods when you read up the ingredients at the back of the dog food package if you find brewer’s rice then stay away from this dog food as it is broken rice after going through the mill. Soy is also another source like corn and would act as an allergen in the food. Also make sure the dog’s diet does not have salt in it and brewer’s yeast. Some dogs would have a reaction to flax which might cause intolerance in them. If you find added colours or flavours at the bottom of the ingredients list, then it can harm the dogs terribly as they are synthetic colours and are added to extend the shelf life of the foods.


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