Basic Principles of Dog Nutrition


Dogs are no different from people, and we can say this very appropriately because dogs require the same nutrition needed by human beings to maintain their health. It is very important for dogs to eat right food just like people do but this does not mean that they need to eat the same food that people do. Maintaining the optimal health of dogs involves following the important principles of dog nutrition.

Dogs can easily gain weight and develop conditions like cancer. These issues can be prevented by providing proper nutrition, a principle that applies to humans as well. Therefore, the applicable principles for providing pets with the right nutrition are as follows.

Dog Nutrition

Super protein diet

It is not at all healthy for dogs to take in corn meal and soybeans as it is not healthy for the human beings also. Puppy chow is the ideal food for dogs, specifically designed for puppies. For grown up dogs, high protein foods such as meat, eggs, fish and poultry products are best. Keep in mind that dog biscuits should not be made from cornmeal or soy, as they serve as excellent snacks for dogs.

Do not overdo treats

Dog biscuits can serve as snacks for dogs, but it’s important to ensure that they are not overfed with biscuits to maintain their optimal health.

Do not feed cookies

Avoid giving cookies to dogs as they can negatively impact their health. Occasional cookie treats are acceptable, but excess should be avoided. Instead, dogs can enjoy sweets that are safe for them, provided they contain dietary fiber to support their diet and well-being. Oatmeal cookies available in the market can serve as great sweet treat for dogs.

Do not over feed

Packaged dog foods on the market come with labels indicating the appropriate portion size based on the dog’s size. It’s important to heed these labels to prevent overfeeding and ensure your dog’s well-being.

Do not feed leftovers

It is not a good habit to feed the dog with food leftovers apart from the bones. The bones should also not be a chicken or fish bones. You can share the leftover fat from steak with your dog for its health. However, it’s important to avoid giving dogs foods like broccoli and sloppy joe sandwiches as they are not suitable for their health. Additionally, feeding dogs leftovers might lead to the habit of begging at the dinner table. These are some of the most basic principles of dog nutrition that dog owners should remain aware of.


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