Offer Your Pet Homemade Dog Food


Keeping a pet calls for its proper care and treatment. In fact, it is one of the primary responsibilities of the owner to look after and take care of the pet. Most importantly the pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, should be offered proper nourishment in the form of homemade dog food on which depends the health of the pet. Commercial food available for the dogs is not always organic. In most of the cases the commercially available food for the dogs contains additives and colours. They are costlier as well. The best way to ensure that the pet dog gets proper nutrition is to offer it homemade dog food. Here are some of the tips for preparing dog food at home.

Pet Homemade Dog Food

Balancing its diet

It is important to properly balance the diet for the pet dog. Balancing the food refers to making it rich with nutrients. Much like human beings, the dogs also need to be offered nutritive food. The food made for the dog should be especially rich in calcium and minerals. A deficit of these can cause the dog to go into malnutrition. When the dogs are puppies they should be offered homemade nutrient rich food. Puppies are more susceptible to illnesses due to food deficiency.

Selection of meat

Whether raw or cooked, meat should be the primary constituent of homemade dog food. As it is that the dog is a carnivore, meat is the primary component of its diet. The meat can include lamb, beef, turkey, pork, venison, chicken, buffalo, ostrich and others. Care should be taken to check that the meat is not stale or rotten. It should be fresh and as fit as it should be for human consumption. Meat is rich in protein which is necessary for the growth of dogs. The meat should not contain more than fifteen to twenty percent fat. Fish can be fed at times but they should not be served on a daily basis.


Homemade dog food is the best option for feeding the dogs as it can be prepared accordingly as the requirement. About one fourth of the meal is made up of vegetables as they provide minerals, fibres, and vitamins. The vegetables when lightly steamed, that is, pureed or chopped, are good for dogs. Such vegetables that can be included in the diet of the dogs are pumpkin, squash, carrots, zucchini, yams, beats, peas, sweet potato, green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. However, there are certain vegetables that should be avoided and they include potato, onion, bell paper, tomato, raw beans, garlic, and leek.

Carbohydrates should be avoided

Foods rich in carbohydrates include rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, and brown rice and these should be avoided. This is because dogs do not have the enzymes that can break down the carbohydrates for metabolism.

Commercial foods contain carbohydrates to cut down on the cost and hence should be avoided. Instead homemade dog food has to be given to the dogs to improve their overall health.


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