How can Cats Reduce Stress and Improve Mood


Soft, furry cats are not just warm to touch, but also induce warm feelings in humans. Having a pet cat not only keeps you content, but also keeps you in good health. This has been scientifically proved as well. Owning a cat is known to keep stress at bay and the associated health issues too. Cats are beneficial in many ways than you can imagine. If you think that cat is just a pet, then think again. In this blog post, let’s learn about how can cats reduce stress and improve mood.

How Can Cats Reduce Stress and Improve Moods?

Stress busters

It may not sound so believable, but a cat in fact is a great stress buster. A cat doesn’t have to do anything exceptional to help you overcome stress, it just needs to be itself. Their purrs, graceful walk, nudges, meows, licks, soft coat, tagging along and other such simple gestures are enough to bring down your stress and anxiety levels.

Mood lifters

Spending about 15 minutes regularly with your little fur ball helps in improving your mood. Petting, caressing, cuddling, feeding, playing or interacting with your pet cat results in increased production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone and hence your mood improves. This also helps brings down cortisol which may lead to hypertension.

Healer purr

Cats purring is said to have a therapeutic effect on humans. It is known to help reduce blood pressure, stress, difficulties in breathing and in reducing infections. Cats purr because they are happy to be around you. Purring has a positive impact on your body as well as mind.

Best companions

Cats bond very well with their owners and give them good company. They are especially beneficial in providing companionship to those who feel lonely. They help provide a sense of purpose to those suffering from inferiority complex. Having a pet who follows you around, plays with you and reacts to your calls can have a positive impact on mind.


Cats and other animals are used in hospitals, schools and rehab centres for therapy treatments. Because pets have positive impact on health, being around them helps those suffering from ill health and those with traumatic experiences. Cats help them heal and feel better. Cats are affectionate animals and shower you with love the same way as you do. Find out what are the most affectionate cat breeds, if you plan to adopt one.


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