How To Wash A Cat Properly Without Making It To Scared?


Cats are naturally clean animals. They’re exceptional in grooming themselves, so they don’t need regular baths. They can keep their coats fresh and clean with their tongues and paws. But, if they’ve rolled in dirt or covered in something sticky, which they can’t clean off themselves, or your fussy ball might pick up parasites, wash your cat properly. 

Some people believe that cats are afraid of water, so they are scared of baths too. Perhaps, this is true for some cats, but it is a myth that all cats don’t like water. Some cats love to play with water and enjoy having baths. 

In this blog post, we’ve discussed how to wash and groom a cat properly. Read on to know more…

Keep Bath Equipment Ready 

Before you keep your cat in the tub and start cleaning, make sure you have all the bathing necessities beside you. If you started washing your cat and forgot to bring shampoo and want to leave the room to get it, trust me on this one! – indeed, your cat will slip away when you return. 

Therefore, before you decide to wash a cat properly, check the bath supplies you want.

Here is a list of items below for you to prepare a checklist. 

  • The shampoo is made specifically for Cats.
  • Soft towels
  • Cat nail clippers
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Another container for rinsing
  • Rubber mat to place in sink or tub so the cat can’t slip and fall
How to Wash a Cat Properly
How to Wash a Cat Properly | Credit: Zulkarnieiev

Step-By-Step Guide For Bathing A Cat

Step 1: Brush The Fur & Trim Nails

Trim your kitty’s nails in advance to not get scratched while bathing. Moreover, it will keep you and your kitty comfortable. 

And, before the bath, brush your cat thoroughly so that you can remove any loose or matted fur. You can also keep cotton balls in your cat’s ears to prevent water from getting inside the ear. 

Step 2: Select The Right Time

Some cats hate water, which may scare them or tries to escape during the bath. We recommend picking a time when your cat is more tired and calmer. This could be after a long day, or pamper your cat and play with him by giving some toys and tire them out. 

Step 3: Catch Your Cat

It’s time to catch your cat! Now, get your cat into the bathroom. If your cat likes to shower, give it a refreshing bath. But, if your cat doesn’t like water, trust me, it will surely try to escape. So, close the door immediately once you enter the bathroom with your cat. 

Give your cat some toys, talk to it with soothing words, and keep it calm throughout the bathing process. Remember, don’t be stressed out while giving a bath; this makes your cat more anxious or panicked. 

Step 4: Place Your Cat In Tub

Here comes the toughest part of the bathing process! Before you place your cat in the tub or sink, check the temperature of the water. Begin the bathing process by gently wetting his body with a washcloth or sprinkling the water slowly to make your cat comfortable. 

Slowly get your cat into the tub and dip his legs in the water. Observe the body language of your cat and how he moves his tail. If he feels comfortable, slowly pour the water on him until he is completely wet by talking to him in a reassuring voice. 

Tip: Hold your cat with two hands to get the grip, or your cat will try to escape. If possible, take the help of your family members or friends while bathing your cat.

Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly

Once you have washed your cat’s body, use a cat-friendly shampoo on his body. Gently rub the shampoo all over his body. And after soaping and rinsing with lukewarm water, clean your cat’s fur thoroughly. Make sure there is no soap on his body, as the leftover soap can cause skin diseases or other health issues in cats, which may enter his tummy during self-grooming. 

Step 6: Dry Your Cat

Next, dry your cat well by wrapping him in a dry soft towel. Rub its fur until its fur is completely dry. 

Finally, bathing is completed! 

Bottom Line

While you bathe your kitty, remember patience is the key. A soothing tone calms your cat and gives him a nice refreshing bath. And, after completing the bath, don’t forget to reward him.


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