How do Cats Show their Affection to Humans


Cats have their own way of showing their affection to you. Certain cat breeds are known for their affectionate behaviour towards their owners. Be it a regular breed or the most affectionate cat breeds, all felines exhibit certain characteristics, which show they love you back too. Want to know more? How do cats show affection to humans?

Let’s read on…

How Do Cats Show Affection to Humans?

Rolling and showing Belly

If you find your cat lying down with it’s belly up, you know how chilled it is. This means it has let down its guard and feels protected. If your cat comes to you and rolls around on the ground, showing it’s belly, it is the cat’s way of greeting you and letting you know how comfortable it is with you.


You may find this behaviour odd, but head-butting is a sign of affection. Your cat may head-butt you or rub its head against your body, in order to leave its mark on you. This means that they like you and leaving their scent on you is a mark of claim.


You may have observed the front and back movement made by the cats, when they are in your lap or on your legs. Cats learn this behaviour as little kittens, when they are huddled close to their mother and knead with their paws for milk to be released. Kneading definitely is an endearing behaviour which shows that cats are relaxed and happy with you.


Another clear expression that shows how comfortable the cats are to be in your company. You may have often heard them purr, when you are petting them, meaning they are enjoying it. Most of the times cats purr because of happiness.

Meeting your eyes

Just like you see in animated movies, where cats win hearts with their big, mesmerising eyes, cats do stare at you with their eyes wide open and this is a mark of affection! Cats stare because they care. When they have their eyes all on you and then blink slowly, it is an indication of trust and affection.

Bringing a little something

When cats find something such as a toy or mice, they like to share it with you as a sign of their love. Bringing something special means they consider you as special. So, next time you may freak out if you find something weird, but know that it was their best intention.

Showing off tail

Have you noticed that sometimes cats lift their tails high in the air?. If this is how they are greeting you, then you should know that they are expressing their feelings of love for you. Cats raise their tails upright and curve the tip when approaching you or when they are being petted. They do this when they are with their mother or favourite persons. 

Weaving and rubbing against legs

You know there is something warm about your cat moving close to your legs, rubbing its soft fur on you. This sure is a sign of affection. Just like head-butting, your cat is leaving its scent on your body, because they like you. This is a great way of bonding with your furry friend.

Following you

Obviously, you are their favourite person, if cats follow you around everywhere you go. You maybe in the kitchen or go to bathroom, the cat will be right behind you. You feed and care for them, so they don’t want to lose the sight of you.


If your cat falls asleep in your lap, then it must be feeling safe and cozy with you. This is also a sign of trust and bonding.


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