Best Spots for your Cat’s Litter Box in the House


When you own a pet cat, one of the key questions that arises is, Where should I keep my cat’s litter box in the house? This can be a concern in both small and large houses. Finding an appropriate place is necessary for your cat to be able to access it easily and also the litter box should not come in the way of other people or things. Learn about important tips for new cat adopters here.

cat's litter box in the house

Where to keep the litter box?


Most cat owners like to place the litter box in bathroom. If your bathroom is spacious enough for the litter box to be kept in a quiet corner, where the cat is not disturbed, then you may do so. This helps take care of the odor too. You must remember to leave the bathroom open for your cat to use it. If you don’t like to leave the door open all the time, you may consider fixing a cat door for your pet’s convenient.

Spare room

If you have an extra room in your house, you may place the litter box and other cat stuff in that room. Some owners have rooms dedicated solely for their pets. If you have more than one cat, then a spare room or a guest bedroom is best to place the litter boxes. It is better to have an extra litter box and place it in some other area, so that the cat can use it when he cannot access the first one due to the door being locked or having visitors in the house. You should use separate litter boxes for each cat, because some cats can hog the litter box, not allowing others to use it. Keeping the litter boxes a little away from each other also helps resolve conflicts of cat bullying.

Laundry room

You can place the litter box in some corner of your laundry room where there is not much foot traffic or noise. Cats may not be comfortable with loud noises though, so you need to see how he adjusts to this setting first. If your washing and drying units are quiet, then this place is the best.

Enclosed balcony  

This is another place which helps take care of the odor issue, because there is lot of aeration in the balcony and the enclosure makes it a safe place for your cat to do its business. Your cat may like to hangout here too for some down time.

Private space

If you have a small house, then you may place the litter box in the living room also. Select a quiet corner and turn it into a private space for your pet, by rearranging furniture or adding curtains. Some cats tend to be shy, so no matter which spot you choose, give it some privacy. You can also conceal the litter boxes by placing them under small tables or a closet with a cat door opening. Make sure the place is not too dark or too far for your cat to go.


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