Ways to Tickle your Rats Best


We know that rats feel ticklish, similar to humans, and they enjoy belly tickling. Although we can’t hear their laughter, studies show rats make giggling sounds as ultrasound waves, inaudible to us. Rat lovers can tell when their pets enjoy being tickled. Read on to know more about where are rats ticklish.

where are rats ticklish

Researchers discovered that rats enjoy being tickled on their feet the most, similar to how humans have sensitive areas on their feet, with the help of electrode implantation.

Tickle time for rats

Researchers discovered that rats linked tickle time with playtime and exhibited a positive response when a hand approached them. They went back for the hand that causing them to giggle and jump around happily. This shows that these exotic pets find this playful and it helps in developing their social bond.  

How to begin

Since tickling encourages social behavior and bonding time, you may want to introduce this to your rats as well. Keep in mind that not all rats find tickling enjoyable, and they may not be in the mood every time, just like humans. It’s better to start when they are young because research indicates that rats become accustomed to tickling at a young age and continue to enjoy it as adults. Start by tickling lightly on their backs and necks first. See how they react for a few days. If they appear to show interest by touching your hand and hopping around in excitement, it means they love spending some tickling time with you. Do this in your regular play time with them and your rats will look forward to it every time.

For rat lovers, introducing tickling during their early stages of life can create lasting connections. It’s important to remember that not all rats have the same preference for tickling, much like humans. By beginning when they are young and observing their reactions, rat owners can build enjoyable and engaging interactions that enhance their companionship.


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