Types of Dryers Used by Dog Groomers


Every breed of dog requires regular grooming, which is helpful in keeping health issues at bay. Grooming may depend on the type of dog you own. Some breeds need little grooming, while others like long-haired dogs need more extensive grooming. Regular shampooing and drying of hair is part of the dog grooming process. You may not always be able to take your dog to a groomer for a scrub and hairdo. You can do it at home, but need to ensure that your dog’s hair is thoroughly dry, before laying a comb. Using a dryer is the best way to ensure that this job is well done. You may wonder what kind of dryers do dog groomers use, as there are plenty of options in the market. Knowing about the kind of dryers groomers use may give you an idea. Find here tips for home grooming dogs.

Dog groomers use different types of dryers, depending on the dog breed and their behaviour.

Handheld Dryers

These are compact, lightweight and can be held easily with hand, but they give out heat to dry the hair. If you choose this type, then see that the dryer comes with speed settings. This will allow you to adjust the heat and airflow. It is better to go with the lowest setting in order to avoid overheating your dog’s skin and to keep the noise level down, which might otherwise scare your dog. Handheld driers may be easy to store, but they may not be suitable for big dogs.

Forced-air Dryers

These type of dryers are also called high velocity dryers. These blow jets of air at high speeds, which removes the water from the hair. These may not dry the dog’s hair completely, as they don’t have heating element, but are still preferred by most groomers for their safety feature. You may find them in different designs, but the sound of these units may cause a problem to your dog’s sensitive ears.

Stand Dryer

These type of dryers may look like they need extra storage space, but are very useful if you have bigger dogs. The advantage with these type is that, you will be hands free and may simultaneously comb your dog’s hair while he is getting dry.

Crate Dryers

Most dog groomers use crate dryers, which enable pets do dry themselves while staying in their crate or box. These are ideal for dogs that don’t stay in one place and are scared of the dryer’s noise. With this unit, groomers can get more than one dog’s hair done at once. These are low pressure and are suited for smooth skinned, short-haired and sensitive skinned dogs. Crate dryers are not recommended for dogs with long or layered coat of hair.


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