Exotic Pets That Can Be Considered For Kids


Exotic pets are a popular choice to consider. Before you decide to get an exotic pet for your kid, you need to choose a pet that is likely to be gentle and easy to handle. Also exotic animals are most common household pets. Here are popular exotic pets for kids:


Gerbils are pocket pets for young children. They are good jumpers and can easily get away from a child. So, it is difficult for a small child to hold a gerbil by themselves. They are friendly and social, so they should be kept in pairs or groups. They are very active for most of the time during the day.Gerbils


There are several breeds of rabbit to select for your child. The most common forms are hardy pets for children. Usually they are not biters, are very personable and live longer than other pets such as hamsters.Rabbits


Hamsters are tiny, hairy creatures that resemble rat and mice. These exotic pets do not require much space and should be kept singly. They are not much suitable for small children as their hands are much small and can be easily dropped or squeezed. These pets are most interactive at night. They take much time to socialize when compared to other animals.Hamster

Guinea pigs

These are one of the most suitable exotic pets for children. Guinea pigs are not as delicate as hamsters, so no need to worry about the kids injuring the pet. They need large cage than hamsters, but it needs low maintenance. They live about 5-6 years.Guinea pigs


Pet rats make great exotic pets. They are social, docile, and just loving. Rats live better in large encloses with at least one mate. They are easy to mingle and easy to train. When compared to Guinea pigs, rats bond more to humans. Not only they interact with you, also they make best human bonds.Rats

Bearded dragons

These are also great exotic pets for children, but the only problem is they need large cages. The size of bearded dragons can reach 18″ to 24″. They bite frequently and it may cause damage to your child’s finger. Also they need a more complicated enclosure and diet.Bearded dragons

Leopard geckos

These exotic pets are usually small, but are very quiet. If you want to prefer reptile group pets, these are the right choice. These pets are nocturnal and they are more active at nights. But, when comes to reptile group, these pets are great choice for small children.Leopard geckos


They are very easy to care and don’t require large cages. A small group of female mice can live happily and it can be quite entertaining with their play.Mice


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