How To Care For Snails In A Fish Tank?


Snails are a lovely addition to your fish tank. Watching these little scavengers keep the aquarium super clean by eating algae, dead plants, extra fish food, dead fish, and other waste is interesting. Different aquarium snails are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, among which Mystery Snails are the most popular ones. In this blog post, let’s learn more about how to care for snails in a fish tank.

A Guide to Caring for Snails in Your Fish Tank

Which Aquatic Snails Make The Best Pets? 

Snails make cute pets. They are fascinating to observe in the aquarium. These lovely aquatic snails with intricate designs that we can’t help but admire. Well, before you bring a snail into your aquarium, you need to do a bit of research on each type of snail, as every snail got its pros and cons.

Some aquatic snails are helpful, but some can become annoying in the aquarium. Most snails are hardy and do an excellent job keeping the aquarium clean. All you have to do is to learn about the snail that you want to purchase for your aquarium to avoid problems. 

Nerite snails are unique and can be the best pet snails for your aquarium. They come in stunning patterns and are easy to care for. 

Caring Aquarium Snails

Most aquatic snails require similar care. They play a vital role in maintaining the aquarium environment. Though the snails are the most attractive creatures in your aquarium, it requires maintenance, as each snail has its food preferences and way of living. 

care for snails in a fish tank | Credit: mtreasure

Here are a few tips for caring for snails in a fish tank.

Watch The Water

The first thing you need to remember when caring for your pet snail is to check the water condition. Ensure the aquarium’s temperature is between 68 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. And aquatic snails usually have pH preferences of 7-7.5. So, fill your aquarium with spring or treated tap water and checked the pH value before keeping your snail. Also, there should be proper water circulation to maintain adequate oxygen. Ensure you have the best filter for your aquarium. 


Snails can eat any food source that is available around them. But, it would help if you considered a few factors. Snails require calcium-dense water to grow their shells. If you found your snail’s shell cracked or thin, it means it involves calcium supplements. So, check the pH level to keep the desired water condition. 

And, if your snails are eating aquatic plants in your tank, you can give them a carrot, cucumber, peas, or green zucchini. Remember, don’t overfeed the fish if you want the snail population at manageable levels. Because if there is an excess of food in the aquarium, they will eat and can reproduce quickly, and if they do, you may experience cascade effects.

Tank Mates

Most aquatic snails are safe to keep with fishes in the aquarium, but few fishes feel very happy to have snails as their snack. Before you bring a pet snail, ask the local fish store about the fish that snails can live within the tank. 

Fishes to avoid like droid catfish, banjo catfish, puffers, goldfish, barbs, skunk loaches, and angelfish, as they can eat snails. And, remember not to keep aggressive fishes like flower horn fish, crayfish, or crabs along with snails in the tank, as they can cause harm to the snails. 

Bottom Line

It is fun adding snails to a fish tank. Its natural ability to clean algae and detritus is exceptional. But, aquatic snails need little love and care. I hope you learned how to care for aquatic snails in the aquarium.


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