Ideas to Make a Rat Cage at Home


Rats make interesting pets, and owners love watching the activities of these tiny beings in their cages. Rats may not require much space for a house, but they love playing and exploring things, so you need to make sure their cage is spacious enough for a couple or more rats. You may purchase a rat cage from a local pet store or an online store. Alternatively, if you’re wondering how to make a rat cage at home, you’ll find that rat cages are not that hard to make. You can customize them as needed and also save some money.

How Do You Make A Rat Cage At Home?

Wire cage

A wire cage is the best cage for your pet as it is sturdy and lasts longer. This may require some of your effort and time, but it’s worth giving it a try. You need to cut the wire shelves in the sizes required and assemble them using cable ties or zip ties. Make an opening cut for a door through which you can add all the supplies inside. Make sure it is wide enough and secure it with clips, zip ties or bolt snaps. You can add shelves in the cage using small plastic trays. Secure these trays in place by using zip ties or cable wires and tie them to the wire mesh on the sides. Then you can add the bedding, toys, food and water containers in the cage. You may also add small ladders for the rats to climb up to the added shelves. Remember to secure everything well with small clips or zip ties so that things remain in place.

Bin cage

You can use a plastic container such as a storage basket to create a rat house. This might not be a permanent housing solution for rats, given their chewing habit, but is useful as a easy carrier when traveling or as an introductory cage when new. This is easier to make at home. You can choose a basket of your preferred size and cut out any of the two sides for windows and ventilation. Then fix a wire mesh or a hardware cloth on the cutouts and secure it using cables or zip ties into the holes made on the top and bottom. You may use a duct tape to cover all the edges of the wire mesh to avoid injury from sharp ends. Now you just need to add the bedding, food, water and their favourite toys. Close the basket with its lid and you’re good to go.

Cabinet cage

If you want to add more shelves to the cage, you can use an old cabinet or a small cupboard and turn it into a rat cage. A cabinet cage is sturdy, spacious and also looks good. All you have to do is remove the doors and fix a hardware cloth using screws and make an opening for a door. If you already have doors with a wire mesh, then it works just fine. Make small holes on each shelf of the cabinet and place ladders for the rats to climb. You can add lots of other stuff for their enrichment.

Rack cage

You may turn an old storage rack or a book rack into a rat house. If you have multiple rats, then this cage is large enough to house them all. Just like the cabinet cage, you can drill holes into the shelves and connect them, so that the rats can move up and down. Fix a hardware cloth all over the rack with nuts and bolts, leaving some space for a door. If you’re wondering how to make a rat cage at home, this is a creative option. You may add small hammocks, toys, small cardboard boxes, and other playful stuff for your rats.


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