A Guide to Setting up a Tropical Fish Tank


Having an aquarium full of colorful varieties of fish can be so entertaining and relaxing to watch. If you are new to the idea of setting up a tropical fish tank, here’s what you need to know to get started.

Choosing the tank

It is better to go with a basic rectangular model for your fish tank, as this helps maintain good oxygen levels in water. If you wish to have a tropical community of fishes, then the tank needs to be big enough for the group to swim around.

Choosing a tempered glass fish tank is a good choice, as it is stronger and there is no fear of glass breaking, which may happen in ordinary glass tanks, when hit with stones because of strong fish movements. Also, you should know how big some variety of fish can get and whether your tank is spacious enough to house them when they grow before you purchase. Otherwise the tank can get too crowded for the fish to swim.


A filter is highly important to go with your aquarium and it needs to be running all the time. Filters not only make your cleaning of the tank job easier, but also provide necessary  survival support for the fish. Filters help keep the aquarium water clean of all wastes and impurities and they are also easy to clean. When you change water or add new water to the tank, you should first let the filter run for a while, before adding the fish. The filter helps get rid of contaminants from the water. Aquarium filters are available in varying sizes and capacities. You can choose the one that suits your tank model.


If you are in a very cold region or when the winters touch lowest temperatures, a heater for your aquarium is a must. You need it especially for tropical fish, because these fish originate from places where the temperatures can be hot throughout the year and the heater helps keep the water warm, just the way the fish are used to.


Lightning also plays a role in enhancing the beauty of your aquarium. If you have live plants in your tank, then lighting acts as a support for their growth. You may keep the lights on for at least eight hours in the day, which is necessary for the plants and turn it off at night so as to let your fishes have some down time..

Oxygen pumps

These pumps diffuse bubbles of oxygen which is necessary for the survival of fish. You may have a filter, but an oxygen pump proves to be useful in case the filter stops working. Bubbles of air blowing up in water makes an interesting view and you may combine these pumps with other ornaments for fun and enticing display.


Once you line your tank with gravel, you may use colourful rocks, seashells, artificial or live plants as decorative ornaments. It is a good idea to add a small hideout, as some fish tend to be shy and feel safe in their hiding spots.

Tropical fish

For beginners, you can always go with goldfish, which is the popular choice of many. These are attractive and look very graceful when swimming with their long tails. Molly fish are known to adjust well with other groups and are available in many colors. Cichlids are another popular choice of tropical fish for beginners, as they are budget friendly and are available in interesting colors. Angelfish, like their name are very graceful kind, but are easy going and low laying. Neon tetras are the most preferred tropical fish for their dazzling looks and their easy going nature. They adjust with other groups fairly well and are also inexpensive.


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