Mastering Pet Odor Removal for Carpet: Tips to Follow


The most challenging of tasks, you will probably face when you have a pet at home has to be the elimination of odor. If you have carpeted floors and somehow your pet gets to them, while you’re still training them to use the litter box, your woes will only double! Even if your pet is well trained, accidents are likely to happen. Your house can smell really nasty, when the carpet is soiled by your pet. You may already know that it is such a daunting task to get rid of the odor, as it tends to be strong and long lasting. Learn about house cleaning tips when you have pets. Here are some effective ways to tackle the pet odor removal for carpet issue and keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

pet odor removal for carpet

Clean-up while wet

As soon as you notice that your pet has urinated on carpet, you better get down to work. Place newspapers, tissues or paper towels on the wet area and hold on to them as the urine gets absorbed. Removing it while still wet, helps reduce the odor and curb bacterial growth. Also, you can save your carpet from staining when it dries. Use cool water to rinse the spot clean and blot it dry using paper towels.

Vinegar solution

Prepare a cleaning solution by combining white vinegar and water in equal proportions. Apply the solution on the offending area and leave it for about 10 minutes till it reaches the carpet’s lower fibres. Then use paper towels to pat it dry. Vinegar is a good choice of homemade cleaning solutions to neutralize the odor.

Commercial pet odor remover

You may want to invest in an effective odor remover from a pet supply store for cleaning your carpet. Make sure it is a natural enzyme based product. These enzymes help in removing the urine odor from even the lower fibres of your carpet. Apply the cleaner on the stained area and let it soak well and reach the padding also. Allow it some time to do its work before drying it out. Some cleaners work well for certain type of carpets than others. Find out if it is meant for synthetic or natural carpet fibers for best results.

Carpet steamer

A carpet steamer is an essential tool for effortless clean-up and effective pet odor removal from your carpets. Some steamers may damage the carpet or cause the smell to stay locked in, instead of removing it. If the smell stays in place, this may attract the pet to the same spot again. Steamer should be able to deep clean and remove odor effectively.

Hire a carpet cleaner

If none of the methods seem to reduce the bad odor and the stains get worse, you may want to call the professional carpet cleaners. These experts use machine units and special solvents to deep clean your carpet and eliminate the long-standing pet odor.


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