Guidelines on How to Dry your Dog’s Hair without a Hairdryer


You may think that giving a bath to your pet has been very challenging and accomplished successfully, but then comes drying of hair. After giving your pet a good bath, your next ┬áconcern is about how to dry his wet hair. If your dog has very short hair, then it is not a problem, but if your dog belongs to a breed with long or thick coat of hair, then you need to ensure his hair is perfectly dry. Otherwise it may lead to skin problems. You may not have a hairdryer at home or may not want to use one on your dog, as you wouldn’t know if the heat is too much for your pet. Know more about home grooming tips for dogs. Here are some tips on how to dry your dog’s hair without a hairdryer.

how to dry your dog's hair without a hairdryer

Allowing it dry naturally

You may let the damp hair of your short-haired dog to dry naturally on its own. While suitable for breeds with short hair, we advise against air drying for dogs with thick, long coats. Leaving your dog’s hair to air dry might lead to an unpleasant odor and undermine your efforts. Also, dogs have the urge to shake it off. They may also try to roll over carpets or cushions in a bid to dry themselves. This may lead to doggie odor in the house. Sending them out to air dry themselves is also not a good idea. If your dog is able to shake it off really well, then air drying may be a good option for your dog breed.

Wrap it up

Wrap your dog in a cozy towel to prevent prolonged wetness. Cover your pet with a towel and allow it to rest for a few minutes, enabling the towel to absorb the water. When the towel becomes soaked with water, you’ll need to change it and repeat the process. It may require a few towels, but towel wrap is effective in ensuring your dog is dry and not uncomfortable. You need to change towels till the hair is slightly damp to touch and the rest will dry off easily. You have the option of using regular towels, microfiber towels or specialised towels for dogs. The towels specially meant for dogs are thin, but absorb more, can be wrung dry and reused. These are easily available on online stores these days.

Towel drying

If you want to dry your dog’s hair more quickly, you may use a towel to gently rub his hair against it, the same way as we do with our hair. You need to be careful not to do it vigorously or rub with the towel in multiple directions. This can cause the wet hair to tangle and cause further problems. Make sure you move the towel from top to down along the hair gently and apply slight pressure on the towel as you go. This way the moisture gets absorbed and your dog’s hair will be evenly dry. You may comb his hair prior to giving a bath, as it helps remove loose hair and dirt, which may otherwise get matted when wet. You need to be more careful with long haired and thick-furred dog breeds, as their hair tends to get easily tangled.


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