Guidelines on Caring for a Pet Gerbil


Wondering how to care for a pet gerbil? A gerbil is a popular choice for pets, as it looks cute like a hamster, well suited for indoor living and easy to take care. A Mangolian gerbil is the one species amongst the several others, that is bred as pet.

Gerbils are inexpensive and their maintenance is quite easy. Since they do not generate much bodily wastes, it becomes much easier to keep their place clean and odor free. Gerbils are highly sociable animals and don’t do well when kept alone. So, you need to keep them as two or more, but of the same sex. It is important to ensure the gender when you are purchasing from a pet store, because the females can start producing 2 to 4 babies from three months onwards.

how to care for a pet gerbil

Caring for gerbils

  • Be cautious when handling gerbils. Hold them by supporting their stomachs and avoid their tails to prevent harm. They might not be the best choice for young kids due to handling difficulties and the possibility of scratching or biting when frightened.
  • Taming gerbils is simple. Use their favorite treats to get them familiar with you. Start by offering treats from a distance, letting them adjust. Gradually present treats on your open palm. As they grow comfortable, they’ll climb onto your palm. Hold them gently, avoiding tight grips for their safety.
  • Use a roomy cage for a pair of active gerbils. Aquarium tanks are better than wire cages due to their ability to accommodate more layers for burrowing. Avoid wire cages as bedding can be messy, and gerbils chew on wires. Plastic cages aren’t ideal due to their chewing habits.
  • You may want to add a small nest inside their house, as they need something to hide and feel safe. You may use a small clay or wooden boxes as their nest. Gerbils tend to chew on wood too, but preferable to plastic as it survives longer.
  • You need to add at least two or three inches of bedding layer for your pet to dig into. Most owners prefer to use paper material for their pet gerbils to shred and use it for nesting and burrowing into it, to their hearts content. You may also go with tissues, grass or hay as bedding for their house.
  • Include rocks or platforms for your pet to climb on. Provide items like ladders, toys, and cardboard boxes to keep them entertained. If you add a wheel, ensure it’s safe and without gaps where their legs or tail could get caught.
  • Gerbils diet includes seed mixtures and formulated cereals. Place a heavy clay or ceramic bowl in their house to serve food, as it is difficult to tip them over and make a mess. The same way you can place fresh water or use a fixed stand.


Curious about how to care for a pet gerbil? These cute and social animals, resembling hamsters, are perfect for indoor living. Mongolian gerbils are a popular choice, easy to care for and budget-friendly. They thrive in pairs of the same sex, ensuring companionship and reducing potential surprises. Keep their environment clean effortlessly, as they produce minimal waste. Enjoy the company of these charming pets with simple care.


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