Top 10 Kinds Of Fishes For Kids


Fish can make as much lovable a pet as cats, dogs, and rabbits. Though there are adults who love to have fish as pet, children especially love this pet. In fact, they can sit looking at the aquarium for hours. An aquarium full of fish is indeed soothing to look at. Listed down below are the top 10 kinds of fishes for kids.

1. Platy Fish

The Platy fish is peaceful and peace loving. There are various colours in which this fish can be found. They can be black or green or blue. Children often mistake platy fish for goldfish because they can also appear in a gold color.

2. Molly Fish

This fish can also be found in different colours. The Molly fish requires fresh water tank and the temperature of water should be slightly above that of the normal. It likes to spend time hanging about the plant life. Adding aquarium salt to the water is a preference for them, but it’s essential to check whether the salt is suitable for other varieties.

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3. Angel Fish

This fish is a native of South America and is a peaceful kind. They are generally docile but the males can be aggressive at times. Warm water is preferable for the Angel fish. They are more comfortable in tanks that are deeper for their structure. The Angel fish eats live or frozen fish food and fish flakes.

4. Guppies

Guppies are very friendly and must be counted under the top 10 fish for kids. They too are a peaceful kind and can be well in the company of other fish. It is good to get a handful of them because they prefer being in company. They are small and care should be taken to see that they are not eaten up by other fish.

5. Gold Fish

This fish can be quite easily taken care of and thus are especially loved by the children. The Gold Fish is a native of Asia and is peaceful. The fish also gets along well with the other fish. Water should be maintained at 63 degree Fahrenheit.

6. Beta Fish

The Beta fish is colourful and bright. They can be a little aggressive and things can complicate when two males are kept together. They can be a threat to the other fish as well.

7. Blue Green Chromis

This fish has a friendly nature and can make great companions with other fish. The Blue Green Chromis is one among the top 10 fish for kids, as kids love to see the bright blue and green colours on it.

8. Catfish

Kids find the Catfish very interesting and engage to look at it for hours on the end. The richly textured body looks elegant.

9. Spotted African Leaf Fish

The Leaf Fish can be cool to look at especially because of the spotted body and its unusual shape. The fins are small and they look exquisite.

10. Marigold Variatus

The Marigold Variatus is lovely to look at. Its swift and agile movements are especially loved by children.

Hope you have discovered the 10 kinds of fishes for kids. For more information about different animals, explore a2zpetsinfo.


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