Different Types of Dog Breeding Books for Breeders


Whether you are a new breeder or an experienced one, it is always a good idea to learn about different dog breeds, new techniques in the field of breeding and the means of providing care in order to raise healthy puppies. You can gain so much knowledge from the experts and professionals. Lets look at some of the best dog breeding books for enthusiastic breeders.

The Dog Breeder’s Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management

This book by Dr. Kustritz is the most popular one amongst serious breeders. This is also the most recommended book for beginners as well as experienced breeders. It is written in a style that is easily understandable by anyone, covering the frequently asked questions in the beginning of chapters and ending with test your understanding section for a quick recap.

In this book, you will get to know about the importance of nutrition in dogs, which is a major factor in determining the litter size and breeding of healthy puppies.

The Complete Book of Dog Breeding

This book by Dan Rice is a great book for beginners, as it covers a huge number of general topics in the area of breeding. You will be able to know all about your responsibilities, DNA use, choosing health, artificial insemination, pregnancy period, nutrition, labor stages, normal and c-section birthing for dogs, complete puppy care including feeding, weening and socialization, pedigrees and more. This book also comes with colored illustrations.

Management of Pregnant and Neonatal Dogs, Cats, and Facinating Pets

This book by Dr. Cheryl Lopate covers a wide range of information which is useful to breeders of different animals. There is in depth information about canines as well. You will learn about how to manage the female dog, pregnancy and her reproductive functionality. This book also talks about puppy care, including the ones that have been orphaned and the process of resuscitation. Also, articles from other experts in this book offer vast information on breeding.

Encyclopaedia of Dog breeds

This book by D. Carline Coile contains updated information about the newest dog breeds, which makes it as the best dog breeding books for dog breeders. As the name suggests, this book covers over 150 breeds with colourful illustrations and pictures. This book is not only recommended for breeders, but also for dog fanciers, buyers and owners. You will not only learn about purebred dogs, but also about other things such as health issues, energy levels, lifespan, exercise requirements, care and compatibility of the  breed with children. This book also categorizes dog breeds into groups, which helps  in choosing the breed according to your needs.


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