Best Bird Feeders For Windows To Check Out


Bird watching enthusiasts not only like going outdoors to spot different birds, but also love to have these beautiful feathered creatures around their vicinity. Watching birds right from your windows can be so delightful. All you need is a good window bird feeder and enjoy watching winged visitors right from the inside of your house. Adults, as well as children feel great joy, seeing colorful birds visit their windows. There are many options available when you think of getting a window bird feeder. Here are some of the best bird feeders for windows to consider.

Nature Gear XL Bird Feeder

This feeder has a great design and comes with multiple suction cups to attach it to your window. The best feature about this brand is that, it is made of clear material, making your bird-watching experience highly enjoyable. It comes with a weather-proof roof and two sliding tray compartments with holes to easily drain rain water. This feeder has a plastic perch that allows several birds to feed together. Its material quality makes the feeder long lasting, but the suction cups may tend to become lose over time.

Nature Gear XL Bird Feeder

Nature’s Hangout Window Feeder

This feeder has suction cups that enable you to fix it to a sliding window as well. It has a rooftop design to keep the rain water away from bird food. This attractive bird feeder has two separate removable trays to fill with different seeds or fruits. It comes with a rubber perch to allow easy feeding. This feeder is small in size, but the material quality makes it durable. But, you may face some obstruction in viewing the birds clearly, because of the suction cup material not being transparent.

Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder

This one is one of the best bird feeders for windows that are designed especially to attract humming birds. Since this is colored red, it majorly attracts the tiny humming birds. But, other species may also be attracted as well. It consists of three nectar pots that are leak proof. Its flower design not only looks pretty, but also helps keep rain water from getting into the pots. Another great feature is that it comes with an ant guard.

Wild Birds of Joy

This is a compact, but an easy to use bird feeder that is long lasting as well. It has four suction cups to keep it firmly in place. Sliding tray is very convenient to use and clean as well. This feeder provides a plastic perch for the birds. It is designed to be weather proof and can house up-to three birds. But the drawback is that, it has no water holder for the birds.

Nature Anywhere Window Feeder House

This feeder has a slanting roof design, which is not only attractive, but also helps keep squirrels, cats and raccoons away from reaching the seeds. The roof also keeps the snow from building-up on top. It is big and strong and the highly transparent material makes for excellent bird watching experience. This feeder also has a transparent perch, which can cause some confusion for the birds when landing.


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