How To Attract The Birds With A Bird Feeder?


If you are interested in attracting birds to your garden, you can place a bird feeder in your garden. A bird feeder is a type of arrangement or equipment used to provide food for the birds.

Afford them if you like to have ready-made bird feeder or else you can make your unique bird feeder in order to attain different look from the other bird feeders.

How To Attract The Birds With A Bird Feeder?

Birds will not come into your garden when you place the bird feeder for the first time. Birds require time to identify or recognize the source of food. Placement of the bird feeder is the essential aspect.

Try to place the bird feeder at certain height so that it will be visible for the birds. Don’t place the bird feeder in some crowded places. Birds don’t prefer the places where there are lots of people because they feel to have privacy while eating.

The food which you keep in the bird feeders is also an important thing. Birds don’t like to eat the same food for long period of time. So change the grains which you are offering for the birds at regular intervals of time.

Winter is the best season to arrange the bird feeder because in this season birds will have scarcity of food and certainly they will search for various food sources available for them. You can enjoy the company of the birds by placing the bird feeders near your house or at your garden.

You can make the birds feel more pleasure to come and eat the food by placing a tub of water near the bird feeder. Birds love to enjoy bath after eating. By placing the water tub near the feeder they will enjoy a lot and stay there for a long period of time.


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