A Complete Guide to Keeping a Pet Budgerigar


Pet Budgerigar is one of the most popular birds to have as pets. You can tame and train these cute little birds to be sociable at home. Budgerigars come in bright colors ranging from yellow, green, white, gray, and blue. You can teach these birds a few tricks and even train them to say a few words! They show friendliness and affection towards their human companions.

Common Names:

Budgies, Parakeets

Food Habits:

Budgies are herbivores, primarily depending on a plant-based diet. They mainly eat grains and seeds of different types of plants. Include fresh vegetables, nuts, and small fruits and berries in their diet.


Some budgies can be tamed and trained, while others can remain stubborn to learn anything. Tamed ones are usually well-behaved and docile, while the others can turn to mischief easily.

Lifespan and lifestyle

Different species of budgies have different lifespans. When well taken care of, a budgie can live an average of 5-10 years.

Pet Budgerigar is suitable for adopting as apartment pets, where space is a constraint. They are low maintenance and are cheerful pets.

Budgies / Parakeets

When to start?

You may be eager to start as soon you bring them home, but give the tiny birds enough time to get used to their new home and environment first. Let the budgies explore their cage and get settled. Give them a little time to observe the members of the family and the daily activities that take place.

How to begin?

The best way to begin training is to talk to your birds. Every time you approach them to feed or offer toys to play with, keep talking. Repeat the words that you want the budgies to learn. When they are comfortable with you, you may notice them turning their head to your side in an attempt to listen.

Begin young

It’s a good idea to begin training them when they are young, as they are more impressionable to learning in the early days. They get accustomed to the commands and signs slowly and start bonding over time. Starting early has the advantage of introducing various things from time to time.

Teaching tricks

You can teach some interesting tricks which the budgies can follow on cue. Start by offering small play toys and training them to follow your finger signs. You can provide their favorite treats every time you command or sign with your hands. It takes a lot of time, and the birds may not show interest in your first few attempts. You need to be patient and persistent in training them. Your birds will eventually learn to follow commands such as “hop” when you place your finger close to them.

Be affectionate

Just like cats and dogs, budgies are affectionate birds. They chirp at you to show you as their favorite human if they’re close to you. Be patient and consistent with your daily activities and interactions. You can’t help but love them


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