A Complete Guide to Keeping a Pet Eclectus Parrot


Eclectus parrot is an affectionate, easygoing, and well-behaved pet to have. If you have a particular daily routine and prefer a calm environment, then the Eclectus is suitable for you. These lovely birds are a delight to have at home and you can teach them some fun tricks too.

Eclectus Parrot Lifestyle
Image Credit: Ang Hwee Yong/Getty Images/thesprucepets.com

Maintenance and lifestyle 

You may keep a single bird as a pet if you are consistent with your work and leisure. These species need your care and attention to thrive. So, if you are a busy person and can’t make enough time for your pet, then you may go for a pair of these or another different kind of bird to keep company. 


Eclectus parrots can have a lifespan of 30 years! This means you can bond with your pet for a very long term.

You need to keep in mind that Eclectus parrots can be a little pricey to buy and their food and maintenance requirements can also prove to be a little expensive in the long run. You need to budget all the necessary things such as the cage, food, toys, and vet visits. When you’ve met all their requirements, Eclectus can have a healthy and long life.

Food Habits 

Fresh fruits, vegetables, pellets, and whole grains should be included in their everyday diet. You can offer seeds and nuts occasionally. Make sure to follow a routine mealtime. 

Personality and behavior

  • Eclectus parrots are considered intelligent and sociable pets. They are also fairly good with children if the children handle them well.
  • Male and female Eclectus exhibit different behaviors. Most owners believe male Eclectus can be trained more easily than females.
  • If you own a pair, you may notice that male Eclectus is more docile than the female.

Make space

When buying the cage, make sure it is spacious enough for the Eclectus to spread its wings and move around freely. It should be sturdy as well, as it needs to last for a long time. Also, these parrots need some time outside their cage. You need to have a large, enclosed space in your house, where the bird can fly about freely and safely. This is healthy for them.

Female traits 

If you have a single female Eclectus, she may start looking for nesting sites in covered spaces in your home such as cupboards or dark corners beneath tables.

Spend time

These pet birds are very sociable and show interest in human interaction. You need to spend time with these parrots regularly and possibly around the same time every day. They like it when there’s a fixed routine. You may let them free to fly once or twice daily. Free time before their meals help them connect with their natural flights in the wild.

Begin early training

You can train Eclectus to talk as well if you begin at an early stage. Be consistent and follow a regular schedule. Soon, it will get used to the interactions and start to learn a thing or two. You can also train them to fly around your house, perch on your shoulders or hands and play with the toys. Slowly, the Eclectus parrot will start interacting with other members of the household as well.


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