How To Trim & Groom A Dog Around The Eyes


Wondering how to trim and groom a dog around the eyes? Well, if you follow some tricks you can do this job easily. 

As part of pet care, people should carefully groom and trim those bangs. Some dogs will allow their guardians to snip the hair around the eyes, but some fussy dogs will panic and won’t allow trimming of their hair. 

To get the best grooming and trimming for your pet most safely, careful considerations should be made. If you feel it doesn’t work, consulting a groomer is best. 

However, the key factor for grooming your pet is preparation. Here we would like to equip you with an easy method of groom a dog around the eyes.

grooming a dog around the eyes

The Easy Grooming Method

Tire Your Dog 

First, play with your dog and try to tire him out. Tiring your dog out before you groom it will help him relax and build the bond between you and your dog. 

Clean His Eyes

Wipe your dog’s eyes using a dop wipe or a wet paper towel. But remember to be confident, as your dog can sense your confidence and trust you. 

Brush The Fur

Brush your dog’s coat and make sure you remove the dirt and tangles. Be gentle while you brush the coat of his fur. 

Harness Him

A dog harness is the best option while grooming your dog. If you have a grooming table, harness him or hold him strong and keep his head still. You can also ask your partner for help in holding your dog. 

Comb The Fur

Gently comb the hair around the eyes outward and comb downwards under your pet’s eyes. You can bring the fur out along the sides of the eyes by doing so. 

Trim Carefully

After combing the fur, take the scissors or thinning shears and slowly trim the dog’s hair around the eyes. After trimming, comb the hair again and check if you have missed any parts. Don’t point the shears directly toward your pet’s eyes, as It may frighten him. 

Have Patience

Be patient throughout the grooming process. Grooming and trimming around the eyes is not an easy task. Take extra caution while trimming close to the skin. Grooming a dog around the eyes will take some practice. 

Bottom Line

If you’re confident enough to cut your dog’s hair, follow this method while keeping him safe and sound. Surely, you will find it easy to do. But, if you are uncertain about grooming your dog around the eyes, it’s better to hand it over to a professional dog groomer. 

The well-trained professional groomers usually will be the best in handling your dog and grooming him. They will use the better equipment and tools to get the job done.


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