Himalayan cat grooming tips


The Himalayan cat is a result of cross breeding Siamese and Persian cats. They are very loving and are well known for their calm temperament. The Himalayan cat with their light colored, thick beautiful fur coat look stunningly beautiful. The Himalayan cat’s lovely fur needs daily maintenance to keep it soft and clean. During the first six months, the fur coat of the Himalayan cat would look similar to most other cats. Around six months your cat will start to look thicker and fatter thanks to his developing undercoat. With regular grooming you can keep your Himi free of mats and knots.

The Need for Regular Grooming

The thick fur on your Himalayan cat makes him sensitive to warm weather. During the hot summer months ensure the air conditioning is left on for your pet even in your absence. A short-haired cat only needs an occasional brushing but a Himi’s long and thick fur requires extra care. You need to brush your pet daily. Always use a soft brush or wide toothed comb to remove knots and excess fur.

Grooming your Himalayan Cat

You need to start young, not because your cat will need daily brushing but because he needs to get accustomed to your handling him as a kitty itself. He will enjoy the attention and you both will have a great time to gather.

Himalayan cat grooming tips

You will need:

  • A wide toothed metal comb
  • A fine toothed metal comb
  • A bath mat or rubber place mat
  • Fingernail scissors
  • Cat Treats

Step by step instructions

  • Place your Himi on the rubber mat. It will be more comfortable for both of you. You will have controls and negate the risk of your pet scratching the floor or racing into another room to hide.
  • Gently brush your cat thoroughly to remove excess fur and thus ensure knots do not form. Immediately discard any hair that is shed or stuck to the comb.
  • In case you come across any knots or mats while combing remove immediately.Trim using the fingernail scissors, rather than tugging at the knots using a comb.
  • Next brush and smoothen the remaining part of the tangle fur, so that the entire coat looks the same.
  • Now move on to the fine toothed comb and continue brushing to make your Himi’s fur shiny and sleek.
  • The most important step. Reward your cute fur ball with a favourite treat. This will ensure that your pet will look forward to the next time!

Although Himalayan cats are great adventurers with a matching love for the outdoors and are they are generally healthier when kept indoors. Sounds like a great paradox, but their fur is prone to getting tangled and gathering ticks and other parasites. These debris and pieces of dirt settle down in the undercoat. Giving them a play area in a screened porch with lots of leafy plants to play around in is the easiest entertainment solution. Good grooming, healthy food, lots of tender loving care and plenty of play time will ensure a healthy and long life for your Himalayan Cat


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