Best Home Grooming Tips for Dogs


Grooming a dog at home is very beneficial for dogs because it gives the dog and the dog owner, the time to come close to each other and share a bond that is very tight and very close. It is also a way in which maintenance costs of dog owners are saved to a considerable extent. The basics of dog grooming are not very complicated and can be easily practiced by dog owners by putting in a little effort.

It is a very simple task where the masters need to be careful about the various problems that the dogs can face during the grooming sessions at home. Therefore it is very important to follow the home grooming tips for dogs in order to ensure that the dogs do not face any problem during the grooming sessions carried out at home under the guidance of their masters. The tips are as follows.

Dog grooming tips

Brushing the dog

Dog’s hair should be brushed just before bath time because it would help the dog in getting rid of the particles that tend to stick to hair of dog once it gets wet. The initial cleanup of the hairy bodies should be done but at the same time it should also be ensured that the dog is thoroughly cleaned before its actual bath.

Be careful about water

It is very important for the masters to remain very careful while bathing their dogs because dogs tend to get very aggressive if water gets into their ears. Cotton balls can be used for this purpose which would help in keeping water away from the ears of dog.

Check water temperature

The most important process for dog grooming at home is bathing because there are various precautions that need to be maintained while trying to bathe the dog. One such precaution is taking care of temperature of water. Water that is used for the dog’s bath should not be too warm or too cold because such temperatures can have adverse effects on dogs.

Choose dog shampoos carefully

Shampoos that are meant for people might not be suitable for dogs. Dogs need mild shampoos because their pH levels are different from those of human beings. Shampoos and conditioners meant for dogs should be chosen very carefully.

Take care of different organs

A dog’s ears can be cleaned with the use of cotton balls with some mineral oil. This helps in removing the discharges and dirt from the ears of dog.

Use dog toothbrush

While brushing the teeth of dog it is very essential to apply toothpaste with a wash rag. Dogs can enjoy brushing process if they are given meat flavored toothpaste. These are some of the home grooming tips for dogs that have to be taken care of while trying to groom the dogs at home.


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