Tips on How to Trim a Dogs Toenails


Dog owners who are fond of keeping dogs at home should be aware of the various things and various methods that they can try out in grooming their dogs at home. The cleanliness of the dog is a very important point that has to be taken care of. As animals, dogs tend to get dirty very fast and therefore it is important for the owners to take up various measures that are available for maintaining the cleanliness of the dogs.

It is also equally important for the dog owners to know how to trim a dog’s toenails because nail clipping is very important for the dog. Avoiding the clipping of the dogs might result in nail infections, ingrown nails and even broken nails that are quite painful. Therefore dog owners should take care of the following tips that can be used in trimming the toenails of the dogs.

Correct time for trimming

The very first thing that dog owners should remain aware of is the correct time when they can trim the toenails of their dogs. Toenails should be trimmed every four to five weeks. However trimming nails every week can also lessen the burden of dog owners. When nails start clicking at the floor, it is the right time to trim because nails should touch the floor but not click. The dogs can also be taken for a walk through concrete ways which would get the nails trimmed naturally.

Use correct tools

The correct toenail trimming tools should be used by the dog owners in order to ensure that the dogs do not face any kind of health issues after the trimming of the toenail is over. Dog owners should ensure that they get the trimming tools from a branded and well known store in order to avoid any kind of problems.

Styptic pen

The styptic pen is used to stop the bleeding that is caused due to too much cutting of the nail. When the nail is cut too much it is found that the blood vessel inside the nail is cut which leads to bleeding. The application of the styptic pen would help in stopping the bleeding immediately. The styptic pen can be found at any departmental store or even at the office of the vet. In the absence of the styptic pen, cornstarch, baking soda or flour can also be used as household alternatives.

Nail file

The nails have to be smoothened after clipping and trimming and the best way to do this is by the use of a nail file. This file helps in smoothing the edges of the nails and providing a clean and tidy look to the dog.

Correct posture of the dog

This is an important point that has to be taken care of while trying to find out ways in which the toenails of dogs can be trimmed. Large dogs can be lied down for the process because movement would have other consequences while trimming toenails of dogs. This is one very important factor that needs to be kept in mind while getting answer to how to trim a dog’s toenails.


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