Top Dog Grooming Tips for a Pet Groomer


Pet grooming is an activity that is quite in vogue these days with more and more pet owners engaging in the activity of getting their pets all dolled up. Keeping a pet has become rather common since most professionals live alone and desire a companion that responds to them with love and affection at the end of the day. Pet grooming is quite a lucrative profession, and if you are a pet groomer, there are some important dog grooming tips which you need to keep in mind in order to be able to do your job well.

Dog Grooming Tips

Cut Nails to Small Size

One of the valuable dog grooming tips which you ought to take into consideration is to cut the nails of a dog to a very small size. This is because the nails of dogs, particularly those of the big dogs, tend to grow very rapidly. If you cut these to the shortest possible size, it will be quite awhile before the nails grow back again. You also need to do this as slowly and softly as you possibly can. Dog’s nails are very sensitive and if you exercise force, the pet will certainly experience some pain.

Bathe Pet in Lukewarm Water

When giving dogs a bath, it would be best to make sure that the water is lukewarm and not too cold. This is one of the important dog grooming tips; and when you bathe the dogs in warm water, you will be able to make sure that the fur has been very thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes dirt particles stick to the fur of a pet, but these can be successfully removed through the use of hot water. Care should however be taken to avoid heating the water too much or else it could scald the pet’s skin.

Use Herbal Nail Color

Using herbal nail color is one of the best known dog grooming tips which you can consider when engaged in the art of pet grooming. When you use nail color that is of a herbal composition for the nails of a dog, there is less chance of eruptions breaking out on them. Dogs also tend to lick their nails from time to time, so if the nail color comprises of herbal contents the dog will not suffer from any sickness as a result of licking his nails. He will continue to remain in perfect health even after doing so.

Use Best Cleansing Agents

Using the best cleaning products in the market is something which you ought to do when you are a professional dog groomer. You should use soaps and shampoos that are flea repellant and which are also characterized by a beautiful odor. Using these will leave the dogs feeling clean and smelling lovely at the same time.

Thus, there are quite a few dog grooming tips which you ought to consider when you take up dog grooming on a professional basis. By taking these tips into consideration, you will be able to achieve success in your job and create a good reputation.


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