Helpful Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog


Summers can become very entertaining if the pets are active and playful. There are certain summer safety tips for your dog that can be followed in order to ensure the good health of your dog which would help you to enjoy the summer months along with your dog at the beach. The two most important things that should be taken care of regarding the dogs are giving it the supply of ample water and shade.

Water is important for the dog for drinking as well as cooling while the shade helps in avoiding over exposure to heat. Dog owners should always pay attention to the several tips that are available for dogs during summer months so that the dogs are able to enjoy summer to their fullest.

dog summer safety tips

Never leave the dog in car

The dog should never be left in car because the temperature of car can rise at any moment and it is possible to rise up to 120 degrees F. When people run errands, it is better to keep the dogs at home because the rise in temperature in the car can turn out to be very dangerous for dog’s health.

Try leashing

Dogs should not be allowed to run free because it can cause a lot of problems therefore it is important to keep the dog leashed. The dog might also ingest something poisonous while running freely and therefore it is very important to keep the dog leashed in order to safeguard its health.

Keep the dog hydrated

Hydration is very important for good health of the dog and this should be maintained no matter whether the dog is indoors or outdoors. Dogs should be given enough of water to drink during summers and while the dog is outside the owner should ensure that he or she carries a water bottle for dogs.

Groom the dog

It is very important to keep the dog groomed in order to protect the dog from the heat outside. Grooming would help the dog in remaining insulated and comfortable and it also comes as a protection from the heat. The dogs that have thick hair should be trimmed regularly in order to avoid the feeling of excess heat.

Never leave the dog unattended

The dogs should not be left unattended because the excess heat outside might turn out to be very dangerous for dogs. Illness of any kind and even dehydration can be avoided by keeping the dogs inside during the hottest months of the year.

Beware of heat stroke

All the symptoms of heat stroke should be taken care of such as staring, panting, high fever, vomiting and collapse. These symptoms should be given veterinary attention as soon as possible so that good health of the dog can be maintained. These summer safety tips for your dog, if maintained in the proper manner, can work wonders for the health of dog during summer.


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