A Guide to When Should You Groom Your Puppy


If you have just welcomed a puppy to your home and a novice at it, then you may have many concerns on when should you groom your puppy. Here is a concise guide on when and how to groom your furry friend.

Puppy Grooming Tips
  1. Groom your puppy after getting her used to your touch. So, start by touching and running your hand over the puppy’s body – even the paws and toes. Once she is comfortable with this process, you may proceed with combing, brushing and then graduate to bathing and other activities.
  2. Bathing is important, and your puppy should be given a bath once a week during the first four weeks. This can be followed by regular bathing at least once a month.
  3. Another important event in grooming your puppy is introducing her to a professional groomer. We strongly recommend that you do not wait for too long to make that first trip to the local groomer. It should ideally be scheduled around the 10th or 12th week, after the second cycle of vaccinations. You can schedule regular visits every month or two.
  4. Go slow with introducing new grooming regimes, especially the first haircut. The idea is to get her used to the sounds and sights of the salon without scaring her. Common grooming activities are combing, brushing teeth, bathing, drying, trimming nails and hair.
  5. On repeat visits, leave your pup with the groomer and come back to pick up to build trust.  Also, ensure that the groomer calls up after completing the session. Do not arrive before time, as the pup may get excited and make it difficult for the groomer to finish her work.

Last but not the least, follow your groomer’s advice and suggestions as they are experts and can make life around your pet easier. 


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