Best Natural Remedies for Cat Colds


Cats do suffer from colds, just as we humans do. Cat colds are usually caused by feline-specific microbes, the symptoms of which are pretty much the same as ours – sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, cough, lethargy and loss of appetite. While a vet can surely help with some meds, you may also want to try some natural remedies for cat colds to alleviate mild symptoms.

Avoid dehydration

Cat colds, especially the viral ones tend to cause dehydration. Ensure that your pet is sufficiently hydrated with water provided at its reach. Water also helps flush out the disease-causing organisms from the body.

Top 5 remedies to tackle cat colds

Clean often

It is important to clean the nose and eyes frequently with paper napkins and saline solution. Maintaining hygiene is very essential when your cat is suffering from cold. This prevents cross-contamination and secondary infections from setting in. Additionally, if you notice congestion, then administer nasal saline solution used for cats.

Improve humidity

Clogged nostrils and difficulty breathing are common manifestations of the common cold in pets. Dry surroundings only make it worse and provide a breeding ground for infections. Use a humidifier or a vaporizer to increase the humidity to release clogged nostrils and enable free breathing.

Natural supplements

Apart from all these simple home remedies, natural supplements such as lysine and beta glucans help in fighting cold. These natural remedies for cat colds improve immunity and stimulate the immune system as well. They can be administered during and a few days after the cold has passed. 


Lastly, though it may seem like an obvious solution, ample rest and sleep are important for recuperating from cold. Give your cat sufficient rest and avoid strenuous play or exercise, to make way for speedy recovery.        


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