DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats


Cat shelters help street cats feel safe and warm in the outdoors. Most cat lovers go the extra mile of building an outdoor cat shelter for multiple cats in their area, taking care of the community’s feline friends. You may or may not be having a pet at home, but providing an outdoor shelter for strays is a great way of ensuring they are taken care of. Here are some DIY ideas to build a cat shelter and contribute to the well-being of these furry companions, taking care of cats in need. There are so many ways to create a small shelter for cats.

DIY ideas for cat shelter

Storage box shelter

This is a simple one to put together which requires a medium sized storage box with a lid or a covering on top. Cut out a hole in the lower front side to enable the cat to get in easily. Place a cardboard roll in this hole for the convenience of moving in and out without getting scratches from the rough edges. You may also use a small flower pot with its base cut-off as an opening into the shelter in the hole.

Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats

Styrofoam home

In places where it can get extremely cold, you can build a cozy home with the help of styrofoam sheets for the cats. Make a rectangular shaped shelter with a cut-out for a door in the front and seal it on all other sides. This material helps keep the heat inside. You may also add hay or other bedding for extra warmth.

Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats

Wooden shelter

If you are good at wood work, you may try your hand at making a wooden house for cats. This looks great as an outdoor shelter for the neighbourhood cats and lasts long as well. You may add bedding for warmth during cold seasons. This can be the best outdoor cat shelter for multiple cats.

Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats

Cardboard shelter

This is a simple home project, which your kids would also love to help you with. All you need is one or two cardboard boxes and glue gun to assemble them. Make an opening for the door and add straw inside as bedding. You may also make another opening at the back for easy movement of one or more cats.

Plastic bin shelter

If you have a large-sized plastic bin, you can easily turn it into a cat shelter. For housing multiple cats, you may use an extra-large size bin. Make sure to seal it on top and make a cut-out for a door. Cover the edges of the cut-out with a plastic sheet or any soft material to prevent the cats from getting hurt. Also, adding bedding helps the cats stay comfortable.

Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Multiple Cats


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