Guidelines on How to Shave Your Dog


Grooming your pet dog on a regular basis is as important as getting him regular physical exercise. It helps protect their skin from various infections and eliminates the fear of passing on allergies or infections such as tick infestation to your family members. Different types of dogs require different care for their body hair. So, it is very important that you talk to your vet about how to shave your dog before going ahead with shaving off your dog’s hair.

best way of shaving your dog

You should keep in mind that removing all of its hair will make the skin vulnerable to developing problems during hot and cold conditions. Their fur helps to control their body temperature from both heat and cold. It also acts as a barrier from UV rays. It’s better to go with your decision, only if extremely necessary. Otherwise, you should refrain from doing so.

The best way of shaving your dog

Try to get it done by a professional groomer if you don’t have time to do it yourself or have any doubts. If it requires you to shave the fur too often and you don’t want to go to the groomer, you may try doing it yourself at home. It takes some time for you to get the hang of it and for your dog to get used to it and then it won’t feel like such an arduous task.

Getting started

Creating a grooming routine helps get the job done easily. The tools you choose must be safe and approved by your vet. Be careful when handling scissors or clippers. Make the dog comfortable with the sound of clippers before using it. Try and assure him that it is a regular process and you both will be done with it soon. Use restraint to hold him in place if necessary. Learn more about home grooming tips here.

Brushing and Bathing

Start with brushing your dog first. Use a special dog brush to get all the dirt out of their hair. Brushing helps get rid of the dust lodged in hair and also takes care of matting. You should not try to cut matted fur with scissors. Always try and loosen it up a bit, before clipping it carefully. You can use baby oil or coconut oil if the hair is matted too tightly. Oil helps in breaking the matt down a little so that clipping it off won’t hurt the dog. You may then give a bath to your dog, to get rid of the remaining dirt. Some may prefer to give the dog a bath after shaving the hair. Makes the process easier with trimmed hair. You can go with whichever suits you best.


If you are using scissors, make sure they are sharp. You can avoid bruising your pet’s skin, by holding the skin tight with your other hand. If you have given a bath to him before, then make sure the hair is completely dry, before shaving it. Clipping wet hair can be tricky and is prone to bruises. Experts recommend using only the tip of scissors to cut hair on your dog’s face or tail, in order to avoid cuts resulting from sudden movements. Proceed carefully near the thighs, hips, underarms, and private parts. Also, keep checking the heat from the clippers so that the dog’s skin is not harmed. You may reward your pet with his favorite treats after the successful grooming process.


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