How to Clean your Dog’s Ears at Home


Regular cleaning of ears in dogs helps to keep infections away and reduce future complications. Before you set off with the cleaning process, you need to ensure first if your pet actually needs ear cleaning. Taking a good look at her ears every now and then determines this. If you find your pet’s ears to be pink, free of dirt and not odd smelling, then there is no cleaning required. Too much cleaning can cause irritation.

If your dog spends too much time running around the woods, dirt path or swimming, the ears may get water logged or dirt logged easily. In this case you need to clean its ears more frequently. If you notice your dog scratching the ears more often or a watery discharge from ears or mild odour, it is time to clean. These home grooming tips for dogs will be useful in keeping your pet in good condition.

You should only clean when your dog lets you to do it without any struggle. Start slowly by first touching its ears to see if she is fine with it and proceed cautiously. It is convenient this way and avoids unnecessary injuries. Better to begin when she is relaxed and you may offer her favourite treats to get the process done smoothly.

Steps to Clean your dog’s ears at home

  • To start with, you should never use cotton tipped ear buds to clean your dog’s ears, as these can push the dirt further inside and also cause damage if inserted too deep.
  • Always use a cleaning solution which has been prescribed by your vet and nothing meant for humans.
  • Gently lift the ear and look for wax, watery discharge or smell. If you find these in excessive amounts, accompanied by redness or swelling then it may be deeper problem and needs to be resolved by a vet.
  • Use a clean, wet cotton cloth to wipe the entrance of the ears and remove the dirt or wax deposits by pressing mildly.
  • Use a dropper or squeeze bottle to release the prescribed medicine into your dog’s ears gently.
  • Give a light massage at the base of the dog’s ear on the outside to enable the passage of cleaner inside the canal.
  • Your dog may shake when the medicine starts to take effect and dislodge the debris. Use a towel or cotton ball to wipe the ear canal gently and remember to keep it close to the entrance and not to go too deep.


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