All you Need to Know About the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Breed


Anatolian Shepherd dog breed, as the name suggests is a guard dog, used for protecting livestock of shepherds and farmers against wolves, coyotes and other predators. Originating from the Middle East, this large dog breed has been guarding its wards since many, many ages. They have strong protection instincts by birth and with proper training, they can become valuable guard dogs.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Physical qualities

Anatolian dogs have a strong build and are very agile. They are sharp and sensitive to sights and sounds. Their powerful personality allows them to perform tough tasks. They are very fast and enjoy long walks. They can have varying colors. This dog breed can possess a proportionate build of muscles and bones.

Characteristic qualities

They are smart, hardworking and very bound to their duties. Once trained, you can easily rely on them to do their assigned job. They are loyal to the family or the companion they belong to and are excellent at protecting them. Any slight suspicion can get them started, alerting  the owner. Though easy-going, this breed is not suitable for first-time dog owners or kids. Anatolian shepherds need a tough owner, who can dictate commands and handle them well; otherwise, they tend to get a little carried away. They may not be very playful with kids and need to be monitored, when around them.

Raising Anatolian shepherds

This breed needs to be trained at the earliest, in their puppyhood to obey commands, such as to stop barking in the night when everything’s clear and not to bark at every visitor. It’s important for you to take the lead, because Anatolian breeds can become stubborn and misbehave. Being born with natural guarding instincts, Anatolian Shepherd dog breed don’t need any training in this category. They tend to get possessive about the family and protect all the members, kids and other pets in the house too. They welcome them if they get to meet and familiarise with other members and friends.


Anatolian dog breeds are physically tough with enduring qualities, but they may still suffer from some of the bone related health issues that generally affect large dogs. They have a huge appetite and it’s important to ensure that they get balanced, quality meals. To avoid the risk of serious stomach issues and bloating, it is better to feed them small meals at regular intervals.


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