Longest Lifespan Animals


The average lifespan of a human being is 78.5 years. But when it comes to animals, some may live more than hundreds of years. Following are 16 animals with longest lifespan.

1. Turritopsis Dohrnii

Turritopsis Dohrnii

It is a specific breed of jellyfish which lives forever. This immortal jellyfish can morph back to its infant stage after reproducing, hence increasing its own lifespan. Jellyfish has no mind and no sense of self. Simply it is a collection of nerves, which identify specific stimuli like the touch of another creature.

2. Quahog


It is a specimen of Cyprine Arctica Islandica; and it was found that this specimen has lived for 405 years and is probably about 410 years.

3. Bowhead whale

Bowhead whale

The average life span of bowhead whale is about 200 years. Very low body temperature is one of reasons for having such longest lifespan.

4. Koi fish

Koi fish

They are commonly used in decorative ponds and artificial rock pools. Some species of Koi have lived for more than 200 years. The oldest koi fish died at an age of 226 years.

5. Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

It is one of the longest living animal with a lifespan ranging anywhere from 120-200 years. The longevity of tortoise is due to its slow movements as well as its breathing rate which is only 3-5 times per minute, while humans breathe 12-20 times per minute.

6. Tube worms

Tube worms

These are the vibrant deep sea creatures that can live along hydrocarbon holes on ocean floor. The average lifespan of these animals is up to 170 years.

7. Geoducks


These animals have been known to live for at least 160 years. These are the large salt water clams which are native to the Puget Sound. These animals have very long necks, i.e. about 1 meter long.

8. Hydrozoan


Hydrozoan species named as Turritopsis nutricula can have recycled life i.e. from a matured adult stage to immature polyp stage and then back again. So, theoretically speaking, it doesn’t have any specific lifespan.

9. Tuatara


This reptile can live up to 100 years. These are among the vertebrates that lived for long period on the earth.

10. Killer whale

Killer whale

It is also called as orca, which has the life expectancy of 90 years. Lifespan of the whale is dependent on several factors such as its diet, habitats, geography, the level of endangerment and the whale species itself.

11. Sea anemone

Sea anemone

They are Cnidarians, meaning that they don’t age. Thus they have the ability to live indefinitely. On average Anemone can live up to 80 years.

12. Rockfish


The estimated lifespan of rockfish is about 100-200 years. These are the slow growing animals and mature late in life and most of them are caught before they have had a chance to reproduce.

13. Red sea urchin

Red sea urchin

These are the vibrant sea creatures and are the largest among the sea urchins. Some of these animal species lived for more than 200 years.

14. Antarctic sponge

Antarctic sponge

Because of the extremely low temperatures of Antarctic Ocean, these immobile creatures have an extremely slow growth rate and live many hundreds of years.

15. Macaw


Among all the birds, macaw has the longest lifespan. The average lifespan of macaw is between 100-120 years.

16. Greek tortoise

Greek tortoise

One of these tortoise species died at an age of 160. It is one of the four European members of the Testudinidae family of tortoises.

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