Asian Elephant Facts


Asian elephants are large or huge gray and herbivorous terrestrial animals inhabiting in India, Asian tropical forests and south East Asia. Though elephants are the largest animals on earth, they are still threatened by human activities. Here are some basic asian elephant facts:

Asian Elephant Facts

Here are the most interesting Asian elephant facts:

1. The size and weight of Asian elephant: The length of its body ranges from 5.5 to 6.4m, tail length is between 120-150cm and the weight is about 2-5 tones. They live in forests and plains of India and Sri Lanka.

2. Geographic distribution: Asian elephants live in huge blocks of forests near grass lands and water sources. They inhabit in Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Southern china and Lao’s.

3. Diet: Asian elephants would like to have natural diet like wide variety of vegetation, including grasses and herbs, fruits, bark, leafs and farm crops.

Besides, facts of Asian elephants tell that they also have Zoo diet. An elephant at the Zoo eats 125 pounds of hay, 10 pounds of fruits and vegetables, 10 pounds of herbivore pellets, and some leafy branches daily. Elephants prefer cultivated crops such as rice, bananas, and sugar cane because they drink at least once a day.

4. Behavior: Facts of Asian elephants revels that Young male and female elephants live in solid herds of correlated adults and their children. The largest and oldest female called Matriarch sets the group activities. Herds link with others and forms large groups named clans. Male elephants leave herds at 13th year and travel alone or in bachelor groups. Asian elephants can communicate through growls, moans, rumbles and bellows. Elephants are smaller than African elephants and can live about 60 years. Asian elephants are self-aware and highly intelligent.


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